Deep Ellum Brewing Company to Sell Beer in Boston

Dear Mark,

I wanted you to be the first to get the good news. I know how much you love beer, especially those crafted in Bean Town, but pretty soon you’ll be able to get a taste of Texas beer, more specifically beer made right here in Dallas. Next week two dudes from Deep Ellum Brewing Company (DEBC, yo) will deliver da goods (Deep Ellum IPA, Farmhouse Wit, Double Brown Stout, Rye Pils) to two spots you probably already frequent: Deep Ellum, a bar in Allston rated by Draft Magazine as one of the top beer bars in America and Ale House in Amesbury. Hope all is well. Loved Ted, hate seeing the Sox at .500 (it’s a long season, bro), and tell Paul to send me that dessert recipe from Alma Nove. Y’all need to serve it at Wahlburgers. Hingham rocks!

Knuckle touch,



  • LowlyBeerDrinker

    Hopefully they will just take the IPA up there because there are some heavyweights from MA, NH and VT, that will definitely blow Deep Ellum out of the water. Before they get to ahead of themselves they need to focus on Dallas, then expand outward. Right now Dallas is covered but they would be wise to see how their beer fares in Austin before going up to Boston. People in Boston know a lot about food and drink and will not hold back on the comments. I sure hope they are ready for that slap in the face because I have yet to have a consistent pint of Deep Ellum beer here in Dallas.

  • Team DEBC

    Some slight edits, if you want to post. Feel free to ignore:

    Some of us here at DEBC have, in fact, not only tried beers from outside the metro area, but have traveled there our very selves. While there are certainly heavyweights in the Northeast, Texas is not lacking major (Top 50 Craft Brewers) players as well. Of course, we have not and never will lose focus on distribution in Dallas, and believing otherwise borders on the absurd. And since you bring it up, we have been distributing our beer to Austin for months, and even in that crowded market we simply cannot keep up with demand. Even though we have limited resources, we still like to spread the love.

    There are some people everywhere that know something about something. This is another meaningless, ignorant statement (on a roll now). We have ‘foodies’ and ‘beer geeks’ in Dallas, too. Ever been to Union Bear, TCT, Meddlesome Moth, Smoke, Company Cafe, etc.? They hang out there. You could meet some of them, they’re good people.

    As with any new endeavor, we stand ready for a slap in face and have been since well before we opened. The first competition we entered was the World Beer Cup, the largest, most competitive contest in the world for brewers. We didn’t win, but our beers all made it to the medal contention ’round. As for Boston, the Grandaddy Poo-Bahs of craft beer in that town, Todd & Jason Alstrom, the founders of and BeerAdvocate magazine featured our Cherry Chocolate Double Brown Stout in one of the spring issues and it scored an 88, the second highest in the issue. They freakin’ liked it I tell ya. I’d say we’re ready for Boston, and with that kind of press, its safe to say they’ll welcome our little slice of Texas in Beantown.

    I can’t really speak to your consistency comment without a significant amount of additional information, including your experience and consumption habits, otherwise it carries the weight of a neutrino, anyway. I will, in fact, dare you to blind taste our beers against others in their categories, you may find yourself shocked (we have a nasty habit of sweeping blind tastings).

    Anyway, we appreciate your concern, but we know exactly what we’re doing (brewing kick ass beer and throwing great parties). Keep drinking DEBC and we’ll keep making the tastiest and most interesting beers around.

    Cheers and beers,
    Team DEBC

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