Deep Ellum Brewing Company to Sell Beer in Boston

Dear Mark,

I wanted you to be the first to get the good news. I know how much you love beer, especially those crafted in Bean Town, but pretty soon you’ll be able to get a taste of Texas beer, more specifically beer made right here in Dallas. Next week two dudes from Deep Ellum Brewing Company (DEBC, yo) will deliver da goods (Deep Ellum IPA, Farmhouse Wit, Double Brown Stout, Rye Pils) to two spots you probably already frequent: Deep Ellum, a bar in Allston rated by Draft Magazine as one of the top beer bars in America and Ale House in Amesbury. Hope all is well. Loved Ted, hate seeing the Sox at .500 (it’s a long season, bro), and tell Paul to send me that dessert recipe from Alma Nove. Y’all need to serve it at Wahlburgers. Hingham rocks!

Knuckle touch,