Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Gang Meals in Grapevine

Some moms and kids are planning to invade Grapevine this weekend. They’ve placed a tall order. Help them fill it:

I read your blog regularly and need your help and the help of your readers. I am going on a ‘stay-cation’ this weekend and need a few restaurant suggestions. We are a group of 19 (crazy I know) and we need suggestions in the Grapevine area where a group this big can go that won’t cause an hour + wait. We need a suggestion for Thursday lunch, Friday dinner and Saturday breakfast. All the other meals we will eat at the hotel. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated. (Moms and Kids 19 and counting.All kids are older than 10 so no kid meals needed.)


  • Rebross

    Grapevine is mostly chain restaurants, California Pizza Kitchen, Fireside Pies and PF Changs are always good. For Mexican there’s Esparza’s and Mi Dia. Tolberts on Main Street for burgers and such.

  • SB

    My favorite tex-mex is Los Amigos in Grapevine. It’s about 2 mi away from the Gaylord. I believe it is BYOB but it’s worth a phone call to double check. Their salsa is made fresh & is amazing.

    I’ve also heard great things about Old West Cafe – only open until 2pm. I’ve never been because there’s always a wait so that might not work for 19 people.

    With a group that large, it’d be helpful to give any place you go a heads up that you are coming.

  • PH

    Agree with SB – Old West Cafe is tops for breakfast with an amazing menu (haven’t tried lunch there). It’s a big place, but busy, so do check with them first. Los Amigos is another favorite – very simple place with good Tex-Mex. Again, give them a call to see if they can accomodate you.

  • Downtownist

    Second Esparza’s and Mi Dia. Also, Rio Mambo.

  • cb_foodie

    Farinas takes reservations and has great pizza. Napoli’s also has good Italian, although I’m not sure about reservations. Napoli’s is a little more family friendly with a great chocolate/gelato case.

  • Jerome

    Food court at Grapevine Mills

  • Tony

    Hard Eight BBQ

  • Jerome

    Yes…Hard 8 indeed. Plenty of seating…plus free beans!!

  • Jp jones

    Eatzis just opened a few weeks ago. They have everything from salads and sandwiches to rotisserie chicken, sushi, lasagna, pasta, chicken and much much more. I love there breakfast options in the morning. They serve breakfast till ten every morning. Eatzis was made for large groups with lots of different appetites.

  • Can you sit and eat at Eatzis?

    This next place is a bit of a cavern, but I imagine it wouldn’t be hard to get space there. Big Bucks (I think or it might be Uncle Bucks). Upstairs is a brewery, but downstairs is a meat heavy restaurant. Their beers aren’t awful. Yeah I know not much of an endorsement. It’s attached to the Bass Pro store.

    There is also Red Dog Right which is at the corner of SH 114 and 1709. It has a bunch of video game machines, so could possibly keep children amused. They also seem not to care about noise in there – they had cheerleaders from the local high school who whooped and hollared all evening one time I was there.

    I second farinas – had lunch there recently and it was delicious. Very unpretentious.

    How about doing a picnic down in Oak Grove park or somewhere like that? The marina store (Scotts marina) has a good kitchen and might be able to whip you up something.

  • If you’re wanting to research more restaurants in Grapevine and the surrounding cities, check out the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce website!

    Definitely call ahead for such a large group, but for a great burger, check out Bottlecap Alley Icehouse Grill. Esparza’s has GREAT tex-mex. Like others have said, Old West Cafe does a wonderful breakfast.

  • Liz G.

    Palio’s is great for pizza & pastas and they are fairly quick and not too busy on the in-restaurant crowd.

  • Jp jones

    Eatzis has available seating for about 100 on there patio and probably close to 30 inside.

  • Nobody You Know

    Palio’s is so much better than Farina’s at half the price. Much. Etter than Napoli, too – friendlier, better service and more seating options. They have a nice patio, and also excellent ice cream. Also, don’t forget about P F Changs, edpecially for happy hour. Grapevine, unfortunately, is not a great dining destination. For breakfast, try the Original Pancake House. Can’t recommend Old West Cafe; it’s very mediocre and slow.

  • cb_foodie

    I have to disagree with @nobody – not just about the pizza but also about Grapevine’s dining options. There have been some unique and good additions in the last few years, but they are not for a large group or are likely too expensive for 19 diners (i.e. Bob’s, Kirby’s, Mi Dia, Winewood . . . )

  • MCW

    So many good options! Assuming that you don’t want to go super fancy… Flip’s, Big Fish, Love and War, and Waffle Way (much better service than Old West for breakfast). Love, love, love CORK IT! but really best for parents only. For dessert, Main St Bakery has great stuff, as does Legacy Bakery (although don’t know what time they close) and Cassie’s Frozen Yogurt is fantastic with this hot weather!

  • Thanks so much for spending your staycation in Grapevine! The Grapevine Convention & Visitors Bureau has a list of restaurants within Grapevine that will be great meal options for your group. Please contact [email protected] to receive a copy of that list and for any additional questions you have about Grapevine! For more information about Grapevine’s SummerBlast and things to do in Grapevine, visit Thanks again and hope you have a wonderful stay!