Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Weekend Eat-a-Thon in Dallas

This guy sure asks a lot of questions for a guy from Austin. Here is his scenario:

Two couples are driving from Austin to Dallas this Saturday, returning Monday. Three of the four of us grew up in Dallas. Typically, our visits are consumed with family obligations and aging parents. Not this weekend. We’re coming to play. And eat. And walk and visit museums.

We originally wanted to enjoy chef Pyles’ Fuego, but he’s not doing it this year, it seems. [Ed note: Pyles says Fuego is “catch as catch can” but this week he will release some firm dates.] One of us is a vegetarian. We’re into good food. We like locally sourced too. So far, our plan is Samar on Saturday night, and Si Tapas on Sunday night. I’m thinking Velvet Taco would make for one easy lunch. I like Dream Café for Sunday brunch, but where else should we consider? We like sitting outside. What other place should we try to fit in for lunch? Where should we go for desserts? Is Five Sixty good for a late night cognac? Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer.


  • New Place – “Union Bear” In West Village for sitting outside and good flat breads. I love Anvil Pub for an awesome beer selection and the most amazing vegetarian chili ever.

  • Julie

    Cane Rosso has my favorite brunch!!!

  • Kat

    The Company Cafe !! It’s delish and healthyish…the loaded sweet potato fries are amazing!!

  • A. B.

    Company Cafe on Katy Trail for Sunday brunch. If you haven’t been to Dream Cafe in a while you’ll be disappointed by the parking garage that was built on their formerly awesome lawn.

  • cbs

    x2 Company Cafe @ Katy Trail (better atmosphere than Greenville) = no brainer.

  • tb

    For breakfast or lunch, try the Garden Cafe. The food is plenty good (although I doubt it will knock your socks off). But the outside patio in the garden is superb and unlike anything else I can think of in Dallas. On Junius, just east of Munger.

  • acrow

    For dessert, definitely go with the Tres Leches Cake at La Duni

  • Gristle

    Taste of Addison is this weekend. Very much outside dining.

  • primi timpano

    Would ditch Samar’s and Velvet Taco. Austinites will not be impressed with VT. I ate at Samar’s and was very underwhelmed. If you want to be a little elegant, Parigi’s is good and has a couple of outdoor tables. Lucky’s is much more informal but serves a good brunch. Instead of Samar I would try Oak. Check out First Chinese BBQ. It is excellent, inexpensive, and BYOB.

  • joeat

    Bolsa for sure. I have been very unimpressed with Oak both lunch and dinner. Bistro 31 has a great patio as does Cedars Social.

  • acrow

    Totally disagree with primi timpano. Been to Samar many times and it is always great. Also, took two Austinite foodie friends to Velvet Taco last week and they both loved it. Parigi’s is very good too. Lucky’s is pretty average.

    If you want something upscale, go to Nosh. It is fantastic and reasonably priced for what you get.

  • jocelyn

    I’d like to add Bolsa in Oak Cliff to your list, and recommend your foursome enjoy lunch on their patio. Also, Samar is a fantastic choice for dinner on Saturday night. The mushroom dish on the Spanish menu is amazing, as are the squash blossoms on the Eastern Mediterranean menu. FYI both Bolsa and Samar were just listed among the best spots for vegetarian dining in DMN.

  • liz

    bolsa, always good lunch or dinner. Staying in the cliff smoke has an amazing brunch, you can go to the belmont next door and sit outside looking at downtown dallas for drinks before or after. havent been to chicken scratch down the street yet but heard the fried chicken was awesome. great outdoor area. one of our favorite brunch spots is sangria, cheap sangria all day and order tapas all afternoon. great deal and yummy.
    have fun!

  • Sunday nights are hard, but why not Tei An instead of Si Tapas. You can’t sit outside, but they do have a rooftop bar you could visit after dinner. It’s by far one of the best restaurants in town.

  • Rebross

    Bolsa for brunch and Meddlesome Moth for dinner and / or brunch.

  • rob lallier

    Thanks to all for advice. We ate lunch saturday at Dallas Museum of Art because that was our 1st destination. Dinner @ Samar was good, but not great. We enjoyed breakfast @ Company Cafe after a walk along Katy Trail. (Thanks Kat) then stumbled later onto Adelmo’s on Cole. Sat outside in the shade and enjoyed $1 belini’s and gazpacho. That night, we had a nice meal @ Si Tapas, again sitting outside. Our best meal of all, however, (thanks D Magazine) was our farewell lunch @ Malai on McKinney. We (4) shared the green papaya salad and had 4 delicious and beatiful (each dish worthy of a photo in Gourmet Magazine) entrees. The wedge of lime decorated w red pepper flakes was a telling detail. Service, too, was top notch. I’m going back there for sure.

    If you’re coming to Austin, and want an opinion, I’m here for you. cheers