Beer Photos: Brew Riot 2012 in the Bishop Arts District

Beer tasting (all photos by Matt Shelley)

Matt Shelley, the guy who tends to save my computer from utter destruction, is also a closet beer nerd. I have even paid him in beer before. Yesterday, he attended this year’s Brew Riot celebrating homebrewing in the Bishop Arts District between 7th and 9th street. Here’s what he has to say. It reads like a prose poem, so don’t judge him for the lack of rhyming.

Lots of homemade artisan beers.
Very crowded, but never without a beer.
Hundreds of different beers to taste: Stouts, Ambers, Wits, IPAs, ciders, Ales, Lagers, Pilsners, Doubles, tripels, Dunkels, California Commons, etc.
Dowdy Studio made t shirts just for the event at a sale price of $15. They ran out of larges, so I’ll have to live with just being medium.
$20 dollars gets you a small cup and unlimited tastings. A bit dangerous when coupled with the heat.
There was a great energy, as is usually the case with beer people. Best event I’ve been to for beer.

Jump for my IT guy’s photos.

Nate Steele of Steele Brewery served taster of his Himalayan IPA (left); Bacon crème mini cupcakes to go with beer (right)
Brew Riot on Bishop
Three Pucks was a stand out for me. Amazing cider with fresh raspberries and honey.
Allie Steele, Jessica Baldwin, and Tricia Baer enjoying some suds