Trouble Brewing at The Chesterfield in Downtown Dallas

My phone is blowing off the hook: several customers of The Chesterfield, the popular cocktail spot downtown, were witnesses to what appears to be an attempted coup d’etat. According to the customers, police showed up and attempted to escort manager Eddie “Lucky” Campbell off the premises. “Two guys in suits came in and took Lucky to the side and started asking him question,” said one female customer. “Within minutes a couple of Dallas police officers arrived.” Another witness and frequent customer of the bar says, “Ed Bailey [majority owner of The Chesterfield] was trying to have Lucky kicked out of his own bar. All of the employees were really upset and ready to walk out with him.” I tried to reach Campbell but he has not answered phone calls or emails. I have learned that the police couldn’t escort Campbell from the premises because it was a civil matter. Another customer said he was in a group of people who were questioned by the “guys in suits.” “Yeah, the suits were from Patrizio [another restaurant under the Bailey’s Prime Plus umbrella]. They were asking the employees about the working conditions and basically trying to get dirt on Lucky.”

Needless to say, there is more to the story and hopefully I will hear back soon from both sides.


  • PenroseismyMan

    I blame Steven Doyle Jack PERKINS and Jerry Jones

  • primi timpano

    Unbelievable. Pulling this kind of stuff during business hours. Questioning customers. Bailey is crazier than he looks, and that is saying a lot.

  • Lance O.

    Ed is a real treat… Thank the sweet sweet baby Jesus I didn’t take the Bar Mgr. offer from him before he opened the OVERRATED steakhouse that has his name. Watch out for Mr. Bailey, he is not very trustworthy.

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  • government cheese

    Lucky had it coming.

  • yuck

    Ed Bailey is an idiot and if he truly has turned to Bad Bet Bob to sve his upscale Bonanza then it will only be a matter of time before this crashes and burns, go run a McDonalds you no class hack, what in the world made this dork think he had what it took to come up with REAL concepts i don’t know but I promise you after 5 minutes with him you would be asking yourself the same question, Lucky finds himself in the same position as a Micheal Martenson who was pushed out of the project prior to opening, by Bailey of course. Hey Ed Retire while you still have enough money to spend on those horrific twenty something bimbos you run around town with. LMFAO

  • yuck

    and just to make sure we r clear I havent tended a bar in quite some time

  • yuck

    thanks for the update on whats in and whats out principal dumbass, enjoy your lunch at Bailey’s Prime Plus from the carvery circa Fur’s Cafeteria 1980, that’s class huh, especially the black dry erase board with the hand written multi color neon markers!!!

  • ryan reynolds

    yuck = Eddie Campbell… what an apt moniker.

  • LR

    Well Lucky, not so lucky these days. I’m gonna reopen the Catalina soon at Walnut and 75. Come see me and we can discuss a bartender job for you. Your gonna have to cut the hair and leave the fedora at home though.



  • Chester

    Sweat equity carries obligations. It can be hard to get the full story, when a business is trying to work through personnel problems privately. But there’s a lot to this story.

  • JI

    If Lucky gets the boot, what will it take to get Bailey to hire Michael Costa?

  • Well, this has been fun but I have deleted many of the previous comments. If you want to have a real conversation about this matter, post away.

  • LJT

    My daddy always said nothing good happens between midnight and 5 a.m. By the time on some of the comments I can see he was right!
    On topic however, seems like a real bozo move to try and execute during business hours.

  • This makes me sad. Friends and I have had many good nights at the Chesterfield, where Lucky was always a kind and gracious host. I will follow the pickled gin mule wherever it goes.

  • Dallas Urban Girl

    I think before everyone goes making all the assumptions that are floating around (gossip), we should just sit back and wait to see the end result rather that throw stones at everyone involved. But I will defend Eddie – if you have ever been to Chesterfield, you would see a man who is dedicated to his dream, his staff, and his patrons of the bar… He is not a drug addict @Dr. Drew… the only this he is addicted to is Chesterfield and making a childhood vision come true. @LR… You are a true friend to Eddie but DON’T take away the hair or the fedora!!

  • SoulSaxMan

    I have performed a couple of times at Baileys in the past year. Weird vibe that there felt like there were more managers than employees working there. Too many chiefs, not enough indians. Considering the legacy, following and loyalty accorded to “Lucky” it would be a smart move for another fine establishment to consider bringing him on board and let him part ways with Ed Bailey.

  • KingMob

    For me, I have enjoyed every trip to The Chesterfield thanks to the program and team Lucky has put behind the bar. Top notch drinks from creative and passionate bartenders; you don’t get those kind of results without having a vision and the ability to make it happen. It would be a shame for the Chesterfield to lose the man who brings that focus.

    On the other hand, Chesterfield’s loss will definitely be someone else’s gain…

  • DNighter

    Sad to hear these goings on. Always known Lucky as a fantastic host, tremendous talent and all round great guy. Good luck Lucky! Your gain is Chester’s loss…

  • Ricky

    NN – Has anyone tried to reach out to Ed Bailey himself, his PR peson, operations people, or management team? Even Michael Martensen who by my understanding is on the lease with Eddie at Chesterfield? Seems like they might be able to help clear the (stinky) air over there…

  • J

    I had the pleasure of working there and have known Lucky for many years. To say he was dedicated to his craft is an understatement. Bailey, after firing Michael Ehlert and now allegedly letting Lucky go, has effectively destroyed what was one of the most unique places in downtown and was sure to be best …

  • Ricky, have contacted all of the above. You”ll get details as soon as I do.

  • Mr. Cocktail

    I can’t say I’m surprised, I’ve heard rumblings about this for sometime. Hopefully Mr. Bailey hasn’t taken advantage of some enthusiastic and talented young men, solely for the betterment of his business. If you’re going to offer someone an opportunity to achieve their dream, do so. In then end I’m certain Lucky will land on his feet a better and wiser man for the experience and The Chesterfield will fade away.

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  • Slappy Kielbasa

    Lucky is an awesome and passionate person, no doubt. The good thing is that he leaves behind a great staff that he trained and instilled that same passion in. As long as they are there, the need our support. Once they are gone, then………

  • Gabe Sanchez

    Lucky has been and always will be, a dedicated and passionate person. He has always been open to listening to advice and giving help to whoever asks. He put his all into the Chesterfield project and does so with everything he is involved in. He deserves better than what happened last night at his bar, regardless of the reasons. He will 100% land on his feet and continue to be one of the best in his profession. Lucky I am happy to call you my friend and honored to have you as a peer. Keep your head up. Your friends will always have your back.

  • Ashley Conner

    Lucky, you a ROCKSTAR!!! You are one of the most passionate and dedicated bartenders in the DFW. Sean and I support you and will follow you where ever you end up!!!! Best of luck to you my friend!

  • sam

    Lucky you do a great job man! Don’t lesson to this bunch of idiots comments … you will always see people with bad mouth because they are crabs…. they like to pull talented people like you down…. I wish you all the best friend.

  • Rotibunni

    The entire kitchen staff, including Jeremy walked out last night at 5. They had to get Patrizio staff to come help. #bringluckyback

  • yuck

    Another smooth business move by this burgeoning restaurant Genius Ed Bailey, LOL, handled with about as much savvy as buying an outdated concept like Patrizio that simply exists because of one thing LOCATION, and location only and expanding it like there isn’t an Olive Garden everywhere already. Could this guy and his troop of yes men be any more clueless. The steakhouses are beyond a joke with a never ending parade of folks who are the new GM, the new chef, the new corporate chef, the new beverage director and so on and so fourth… My dad told me a long time ago that some folks have more money than sense and I believe Mr. Bailey to be one of those… As a resident of downtown I am saddened by the reckless approach he and his people have taken in what was a welcome addition to the neighborhood. But I also am pleased that this PR disaster will only hasten the demise of his ridiculous attempts at doing anything other than fancy McD’s. Go open another High End Steakhouse in an outlet mall somewhere Ed, it’s a brilliant business plan, ladies looking to save 50% on last years it items are truly the customer base every steakhouse is looking for, also love the cavery, can you add the triangle fried fish fillets so I can truly remember the Fur’s cafeteria trips of the 80’s with my Grandparents. I used to wonder why everyone and their dog thought they needed to open a restaurant, but situations like these make it so obvious… Ego can drive some pretty stupid decisions.. KNOW YOUR ROLE!!!

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  • LadyDallas

    @yuck….shut up and get a life, you don’t even know facts of what’s going on, you obviously just like to see and read your own comments all over a gossip column. A gossip column that merely attracts a bunch of uneducated morons that can’t even spell properly, that happens to be written by some overweight gossip queen that gets her kicks from stirring up half truth stories.

  • Whoa, Lady, that is low. Nancy is nowhere close to being overweight. Looks like you’re stirring up untrue stories?

  • amanda

    @ Lady—Lighten the EFF up. It’s called Prozac. Get some.

  • yuck

    I know more facts than you could imagine… Like the Fact the Ed Bailey forced the other party (Micheal Martenson) on the lease out of the deal prior to the place even opening. and by the way that Lady Dallas That likes to Say this and mostly that and then some of that, isn’t the best grammar that I have seen on this blog or by that columnist that you refer to in that prior comment…LMAO sorry couldn’t resist. I would love for anyone to come forward and make an Educated argument THAT would in any way justify the business practices of THAT idiot Ed Bailey.. and Last time I checked Lady Dallas This is AMERICA a land in which all parties THAT have an opinion on a subject are free to voice it… SO Suck it you ignorant half wit… Enjoy the cheese mountain soon to be added at Bailey’s… I hear THAT Bailey’s Prime Plus plans to bring back the 96 item Sizzler Style Salad Bar THAT was all the rage in the eighties…I just had to get THAT off my chest… This mess is better than anything on TV. I wish comedians were as funny as this idiot!!! Bottom line only reason Bailey’s is even still open now is EGO.. and a pile of money THAT he keeps throwing at T

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  • Marisa

    Now I am beginning to understand why the food last week at Patrizios was horrible. The kitchen staff was at Chesterfields….and the clean up crew must have been fixing the food. I have not been to Patrizios in about 6 months b/c the food had become so-so. It has now reached a new level and our party of six will not be returning. We crossed Bailey’s off the list months ago. Ed Bailey do you hear the wake up call? You are better suited to McDonalds.

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  • Dr. Drew Pinsky

    I love that my offer to help a clearly very sick drug addict was deleted for being inappropriate or off-topic or what have you, while said drug addict’s coke-fueled diatribes, telling other people to “suck it” are left intact. Clearly D Magazine is a paradigm of impartial and incorruptible ethics.

  • yuck

    ill buy the place right now for $!, standing offer 214-777-7777

  • Ryan Reynolds

    It won’t be worth a dollar until Campbell is gone.

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