Spiceman Has The Goods: Get Your Fresh Produce Now for Easter and Passover Cooking

Tom Spicer sings the greens.

This note just in from the father of foraging, Mr. Tom “Spiceman” Spicer, over at FM 1410. Hear him type:

“Here are few quick peaks at my annual “Easter Grasskets: (living wheat grass in an basket with assorted colors of carrots, rainbow chard and a goose egg). Get ’em while they’re hot. I have also reserved the artichokes and enough Easter Grasskets for my “Adopt-a-plot” peeps. (peep peep).”

Peep,peep yáll. Easter Grasskets is pretty good. Jump for all of the goodies Spiceman has in his garden. And adopt one of his plots. It’s cheaper than a dog.Here  is what he’s got:

Fiddle heads

Ramps again

Goose eggs

East Texas Strawberries

Spring Onions

Wild and exotic ‘shrooms

Mulberry trees  in  the alley loaded with berries
Easter Graskets with living wheat grass, baby garden carrots, rainbow chard and a goose egg
Today’s garden pics 008
Wall of petite greens
Petite lamb’s quarters
Baby Asian Mustard greens
Baby mixed color carrots
Baby Arugula
Rainbow Chard
Radish sprouts soon to be radishes
Mixed baby lettuces
Benziger Vinyards Cabernet grapevines from Beat with orange mint
Third year fruit from same vine in my garden
vines are loaded with grapes