Somebody Help This Poor Guy: Best Restaurant to Pop The Question in Dallas

I feel like we’ve answered this before, but I can’t find it. So, I’ll throw it out there again. A boy loves a girl and wants to make her his bride. He’s toast:

Hey Nancy! I know you help a lot of people find places so I was hoping your people could help me. I am a hopeless romantic. I have basically spoiled my girlfriend with flowers, special dinners, romantic trips and the like. I want to ask her to marry me and I want it to be perfect. Is there a restaurant in Dallas that specializes in marriage proposals? I may hire a violinist so we will need some privacy.

Well, this isn’t my area of expertise. Anyone out there with a thought? Or ten?


  • Mike Potter

    Most romantic restaurant in Dallas (IMO) – The French Room. Don’t think it would be appropriate for a hired violinist, but otherwise, I cannot imagine anyone who wouldn’t be impressed/overwhelmed to be proposed to there.

  • Gizzard

    Fuel City, all the way!

  • Brad

    I took my wife to be to the Eiffel tower in Paris and surprised her. She had no idea. Afterward we went to downtown Paris and I had a great CFS and she had a burger. It was worth the two hour drive.

  • acrow

    French Room or the Mansion. Also, not as good as the French Room or Mansion, but Old Warsaw is pretty romantic, very private and they already have a violinist on site.

  • anon

    lol @ Fuel City.

  • TLS

    Jumbotron at a Rangers game. Girls really dig that.

  • dfw75208

    Hotel St. Germaine

  • dallasboiler

    Ditto Hotel St. Germaine. It’s very good, small, and intimate. However, it is so intimate that you might tip her off that you’re about to propose.

    You can also make a night of it and book a room there too to surprise her. Plan in advance. The place is often sold-out for wedding receptions and other events (both the restaurant and the hotel).

  • Liz

    UGH – restaurant proposals are about the most unromantic thing ever. Try a private area in a beautiful hotel or historic building instead.

  • acrow

    You could also try to get someone to come cook for you in your home

  • Duccio

    If you’re going to do it that way, do it right and get the Chef’s Table @ The Mansion (the one in the corner outside the Library). Don’t do it if you’re not a foodie willing to go through Bruno’s amazing tasting menu. Skip the violinist, that’s embarrassingly tacky. Another option if you’re set on the violin thing is the rooftop deck at Tei-An. That way you’ll be alone with a great view and incredible food.

  • MrPerkinsMerkin

    Maple and Motor but make sure to bring all of your rambunctious under 4 year old nieces and nephews to be there to witness the event

  • Al

    French Room, ask for Carlos to be your server!

  • Jerome

    Hard 8 BBQ…in front of the giant grill!!

  • logan

    Hotel St Germain! Hotel St Germain! Hotel St Germain! Hotel St Germain! Hotel St Germain !!!!!!!! And do like the previous poster said and get a room for later.

  • R.S.

    And why is that you want to marry a girl whom you had to “spoil” with flowers, special dinners and romantic trips? Are you sure she really loves you, or just all the stuff you are spoiling her with?

    In any case, I second the idea of proposing in private away from the restaurant. Have dinner afterward to celebrate the proposal. She can wear the ring into the restaurant and wear it all evening.

  • tinkerbell

    Good Lord, don’t do it in a restaurant. It’s very self serving – “Look at me, look at us!” Do it at a place that has meaning to both of you or is incredibly beautiful and/or memorable.

  • primi timpano

    I’m with RS and Tinkerbell. Are you ready for the reality of marriage, as opposed to the contrivances of romance and courting? Any exposure to dirty socks and underwear, smelly farts, or good old fashioned heated arguments? Public proposals work in the movies thanks to the arts and craft of good writing, directing and acting, but in the unscripted world they are not terribly intimate and border on kitsch.

    What about cooking for her at home? Dinner and its preparation need not be elaborate; in fact, I would strive for simplicity so you both can focus on the joy of the moment. Then of course, there is always the possibility of the unjoyous outcome: the “let me think about it” response, or even the “not now, maybe later” or the “I’m sorry but no” responses, neither of which is swallowed and digested well in public.

    If surprise is an objective, a sudden upscale dinner reservation may in itself be a tip off unless your romantic entreaties have been well populated with fine dining. If romantic upscale is to be the order of the day, then the Mansion is an excellent choice. It is romantic, serves excellent food, and is likely to be around for what you hope to be many anniversaries. If future revisitations are not a concern, then the Grape is an excellent suggestion, as is Biernat’s, Parigi’s and a host of smaller noninstitutional venues, though these places do not offer the room and bed available at hotel restaurants, which can be pleasurable and romantic apres dinner retreat.

    True surprise will correlate with downscale venues, though sinking to the likes of Chuckie Cheese may offer too much surprise in the most unintended meaning of the word. In this instance (not as upscale as the Mansion, not as terrible as the pzza chain) go to a restaurant you both enjoy or that perhaps represents a shared happy memory, e.g., your first date, the restaurant preceding your first sex together, or some other place of commonly shared happiness. Whatever the choice, avoid the typical props, like placing the ring in a drink, dessert, under a napkin, or with the evening’s bill of fare. In the end, it is you expressing your love for your girlfriend and your inability to live happily without her companionship, not middlemen represented by the orchestrations of the restaurant or its staff.

    My best wishes for a happy engagement and marriage, but reiterate the benefits of proposing at your home, a place which you will hopefully share for many anniversaries to come.

  • primi timpano

    Real life jumbotron proposal at yankee Stadium:

  • CapGuy

    I proposed at The Palm. Maybe not the most romantic but we’re still together after 15 wonderful years!!!!!!!!!

  • Me!

    @primi timpano
    Know what’s awesome? The restaurant we went to on our first date, preceding our first sex together, proposed to my wife and Chuck E Cheese are all one and the same! It’s the only time I’ve ever been there but it was great!

  • Jo Bennett

    Go to the beautiful Arboretum…you won’t even have to buy her flowers you fool!

  • foodbevlaw

    Arboretum. Picnic.

  • brett

    run. in the other direction.

  • primi timpano

    Dear Me,
    That is awesome. Why no revisits for anniversaries or old times sake? Upon further reflection on this topic I realized that as a guy I am cluless about what a woman wants in a proposal–or anything else, for that matter. I suggest the poor guy with the hanging question rephrase it and seek the advice of the women on this forum. They can probably enlighten a lot of us as to the selection of restaurants, bended knees, short question versus longish speech, etc. I am sure there are a lot of things men think to be just fine but are the objects of shock, disgust and ridicule in drawing rooms the world over.

  • The Joule hotel in Dallas has a private rooftop terrace that would serve as the perfect backdrop. Charlie Palmer can provide the perfect setting beneath the stars~white table cloth, candles, and of course, excellent food and wine!

  • Please let me know if we can be of any service. We are very well versed in these areas.

    Eiffel Tower
    [email protected]

  • ArlingtonFoodie

    French Room…my husband proposed privately before dinner, and then the tasting menu was our celebration afterward. Choose the latest booking, they will let you linger after everyone leaves and it is heaven. Private, elegant, and quiet. Impeccable service too…but if you do wine pairings with the tasting menu, be sure to either book a room or a limo! The ambiance is old-school but the menu is inventive and fresh.