DMN Food Writer Kim Pierce Hit By SUV While Jogging

Holy crow. Teresa Gubbins told me DMN scribe Kim Pierce was jogging last night and was hit by an SUV. She’s okay but she has a broken nose, facial lacerations, and road rash on the right side of her body. You can wish her well here or on her Facebook page.

UPDATE: According to Kim’s Sig-O: ” She was using the crosswalk with the “Walk” sign at Northwest hwy and Pickwick (near the Baptist church). A driver turned into her. Broken nose, facial lacerations a lot of bruises and she’s resting at home. She’s lucid and doesn’t appear to have any internal or brain injuries.”


  • bluebird

    very sorry for kim, and glad to hear her injuries aren’t worse. i’m rather surprised no one has posted an item on Eats. i guess they’re waiting to find out the news from SideDish

  • CC

    Broccoli is more important !

  • M Streets

    A motorcyclist was killed at that same intersection 2 weeks ago.

  • Cassi

    My Cagney and Lacey instincts would make me ask Le Brenner where she was at that time.

  • bluebird

    well now that the matter has been brought to les-bren’s attention, she has posted a get-well note to Kim. i really think she should’ve linked to SideDish, aka the tail wagging the dog

  • Steakgal

    I looked in Eats earlier for more details and was appalled to see that nobody had even mentioned Kim’s accident. I guess Leslie Brenner was knee deep in broccoli mania to stop and report the news. How sad that Pegasus and Sidedish beat Eats when it involved the only other reporter. No wonder nobody reads them anymore. Get well Kim! You deserve better treatment

  • Jason Kosmas

    Hope you feel better soon Kim! Look forward to hearing from you as soon as you are better.

  • twinwillow

    Get better soon, Kim. You’re well loved by all!

  • Kim Pierce

    Thanks for all the good wishes. I’m amazed it’s been only 48 hours. I still look like hell (small children cower) but am slowly feeling better. The ER doc said “You’ll be sore, like you worked out hard after not working out for three months. ” Yeah, and then some.

  • Bobby Ewing

    Kim…sending thanks and thoughts of a speedy recovery your way.

  • Steakgal

    Kim glad to see you typing! How scary for you. We’ve never met but what a horrible thing to happen to anyone. Godspeed!

  • Ellen Sackett

    Wow, Kim, so sorry that this happened to you. Even though you are hurting, my guess is you are also feeling very grateful. It could have been much worse. Sounds like you’ll need a lot of rest and a little bell to help get you through it. Sending you healing thoughts and positive energy.

  • Steakgal

    Any updates on Kim?