New Hot Dog Restaurant: Bite the Weenie in North Richland Hills

Hooray for hot dogs! One Mr. Ludwig Sawicki is almost ready to open his new hot dog restaurant, Bite the Weenie. “We are making at least 20 variations and styles of hot dogs and sausage sandwiches,” Sawicki said. “We should be ready to go next week.” Sawicki moved to Dallas from Chicago almost 15 years ago and “has been craving hot dogs since then.” Sawicki spent many years working in restaurants before a career in the firearms business. He’s pretty dang excited about his new hot dog store and hopes to populate Dallas with more locations. So far, the menu includes classic Chicago and New York-style dogs. Other cities with dogs include Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Tokyo, and Vera Cruz. There is a Saigon Dog and a foie gras dog. Here is the working menu. 9143 Boulevard 26, Suite 650. Richland Hills. 817-514-2313.


  • tom

    No menu is complete without a Carolina Slaw Dog……………

  • Ryder G.

    I’d be surprised (well, with serving foie gras dogs), but I wonder if they’ll offer any vegetarian versions…

  • Me!

    Are you sure this isn’t a prank? I know there are restaurants with thinly veiled double entendre like Hooter’s or Twin Peaks, but isn’t Bite the Weenie a little over the top?

  • irodguy

    Seems like a lot of work for a hoax. and a facebook page. Looks legit to me.

  • irodguy

    Hmm this guy seems to be an interesting character hope he will be there in person. It might be worth the price of admission just to talk to this guy.

  • Me!, I talked to the guy on the phone and got an invitation to grand opening in the mail.

  • Hey,

    Not a Prank!! This is legit. Sign is up in front of the building, and we are trying to get final inspection passed by the fire department, health department said we’re good to go. We will have a Vegetarian dog and a Turkey dog for those who do not prefer to eat beef. We will also have an Atlanta dog with creamy slaw for the for those from the South Eastern part of the Country, who miss that wonderful flair and unique flavor of that particular region. And, yes I will be there in person to field all questions and rebuttal, to this unique venture. Look forward to meeting you all in person. Ludwig