Jimmy John’s Freaky Fast

Oops. Caught in the act.

Jimmy John’s advertises that their delivery is Freaky Fast.  See their blog at www.freakyfast.com.  But does their desire to be freaky fast give their 20-something young man without a handicapped placard some freaky authorization to park in a handicapped parking place?  The driver did dutifully leave his flashers on.

We’ve had our say about valet parkers before.  How about delivery?  Does anything go?


  • acrow

    Having driven delivery before, I think this is acceptable. Sometimes the handicapped spot is the only one open. Also, the driver can generally see his car and have time to move it if another person needs the spot. This is far different than valet where the car may be left for a sustained period of time.

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  • Christopher

    Looks like Highland Park Village in which case, this probably WAS the only parking space available.

    If being late costs this guy/gal their tip (and a penalty from his company?), let them decide it it’s worth the risk. HPV and the surrounding 0.5 mi radius is probably the most overly policed area in Dallas and I’m sure this driver probably knew that and decided to play probability in a pinch. Is this any different than a Taxi cab idling in the middle of the road or parking temporarily in no-park zones, or their speeding to get somewhere faster? Not to me. Let meter-maids monitor parking violations.

    In posting the picture, esp without blurring the license plate, somebody is probably going to get yelled at or fired. Sure, what they did was wrong but come-on, they’re drive their own cars, mileage compensation sucks with gas at $4.15/gal, and I’m sure, even with tips, they make squat…but good job D in calling them out. I’m sure the 5 handicapped people who have ever actually used the space really appreciate your vigilance.

  • @Christopher – We’re screw ups too. We’ve blurred the license plate now.

  • Adding information:
    @acrow: delivery was an interior office. Second floor.
    @Christopher: Yes to HP Village. Plenty, plenty of spaces open at that particular moment. The driver chose the space closest to the door. Look closely, you will see the space to the left is open. And those handicapped spaces are in fact often used by people with legitimate placards.

  • Katie

    It burns me up when I see non-handicapped folks using one of these spots. If an actual handicapped person sees that they don’t have a spot, they’re not likely going to sit there and wait on the off chance that someone will be out in a flash. If you’ve got a healthy bod, use it, and leave these spots for the less fortunate.

    That said, I’m now craving Jimmy John’s and will likely order it for dinner. Begrudgingly.

  • twinwillow

    Totally unexceptable!

  • Uptown Uppie

    @ acrow: You’re a moron! Pizza delivery is about all you’re probably capable of doing.

  • Keith

    Handicap and double parking should never be an option. Factor in some time for parking. If your boss doesn’t get it, then it is probably time to find another job. Besides, the cost of a ticket is way higher then the gain of 2 minutes by parking illegally.

  • Vwgirl

    Since he has the big jimmy johns sign on his car, anyone would know he won’t be parked there long. Cut the delivery drivers some slack.

  • Colin Z

    Here’s a pic I took some time ago. Two Jimmy Johns drivers taking four parking spots. This was in Addison. http://bit.ly/GFYpn4

  • acrow

    @Uptown Uppie – The delivery job was actually years ago in college. I would never park in a handicapped space now (I wouldn’t do it when was delivering unless it was the only spot open and I could readily move my car – this was in Austin near campus, where there is an incredible shortage of spots). Most of the other people I worked with were not college students, and they really needed the money. Blame it on the city or business owner for not including 5min delivery/loading zone spots, not the delivery driver making minimum wage.

  • Uptown Uppie

    @ acrow: Or, we could just put the blame on the handicapped. All those handicapped people in wheelchairs needing to park closer to where they’re going. How selfish of them!

  • ryan

    why have blog writers become so lazy? how about actual content instead of these type of posts created simply to generate page views and comments?

  • acrow

    @Uptown Uppie – We are talking about a 2min exchange (handing off food, taking back tip). If a delivery driver (i) only parks in a handicapped spot when no other spots are open, and (ii) only parks in such spots when they can see and readily move their car, then chances of causing any interference with the lives of the handicapped is miniscule. P.S. – I’m sure you never use a handicapped bathroom now matter how bad you have to go or how quick you will be.

  • Uptown Uppie

    No. I use the ladies bathroom! And, I’m handicapped as well.