How I Helped Feed the Ego of a Sandwich Shop Named Capriotti’s

The banner of all banners

Remember how I wrote about Capriotti’s and its plans to take over DFW one sandwich at a time?  Then, recall how they sent 100 sandwiches to D headquarters for my co-workers to try, and most of them were pretty happy with their free sandwiches (minus the mayo).

I thought that would be my last interaction with Capriotti’s, but then a SideDisher posted a photo of this enormous banner on Nancy’s Facebook yesterday. Capriotti’s Plano location is sporting a hot new look along with a copy of my article posted in the window (minus the comments, of course).

In my imagination, I wonder if Capriotti’s trip to Kinko’s looked something like this:

Capriotti’s people: I want a banner with the whole headline included.

Kinko’s people: Er, how big do you want it?

Capriotti’s people: Biiiiig. So big that you can spot it from a satellite circling around the globe. So big that – should we enter another Ice Age, like, today – we could use it to build a big tent for a small population of loyal Capriotti’s customers.

Anyways, you should enjoy the sign while it lasts, Capriotti’s. I think our lawyers will be contacting you guys soon since ya’ll are breaking a couple of copyright laws and all. But before you throw that banner away, I have this one request: Send me your sign. I’d really like to hang it outside my house. That way, should I ever get lost in space, I’ll know how to return home.

(No, really, I do want the sign.)


  • Phil Jackson

    Carol: I’m the one responsible for this snafu, so I’ll take full responsibility for the screw up. It wasn’t our intention to offend. We were obviously proud and enthusiastic about the previous post you made, and got ahead of ourselves. Capriotti’s is well known on the coasts, but new to Texas, so we wanted to publicize the quality of our product. But clearly we didn’t think it through. So again, your criticism is appropriate, and the sign has been removed.

    By the way, the article in the window has all the comments, including the one about “Mayo overkill on all accounts. My sandwich is dripping like a snot-nosed toddler.” So I’m not sure where you folks got the idea that we selectively edited what you said.

    In any event the banner is down. Sorry again for the fuss.

  • Yes, thanks to the eagle-eyed, Kirk.

  • Phil, I admire your enthusiasm..

  • Phil Jackson

    Nancy: When I screw up, I screw up! Live and learn, I guess. The folks at Sidedish were more than generous in their original comments about our sandwiches. Sorry to complicate a great story with an unnecesary, self-inflicted distraction.

  • TLS

    @Phil Jackson: I had one of your Italian subs this week and it was excellent. And knowing that one of the greatest NBA coaches of all time had a hand in making it, well, I’m quite the happy customer.

  • April

    I feel like the post was a little snarky. Side Dish should be happy that restaurants, and diners, value your opinion. I’m in the media business, and yes, this banner steps outside the bounds, but publishing a snarky post like this makes the author look snotty rather than making the restauranteur look ignorant, which I think was the intent.

  • Food Girl

    April….Agreed all the way around. Carol, your posts come off as immature and snide.

  • bluebird

    i would say that anyone accusing Carol of snark, immaturity, or snideness might need to look in the mirror. Carol’s posts are about as friendly and unsnarky as you can get

  • ozonedude

    Generally this is handled by a lawyer just calling the offender and asking that the sign be taken down. Usually works pretty well. But why do that when Carol Shih can just be more of an ass than usual and pander with a blog post?

  • Mitch

    Snarky, snide…who would ever associate those words with D Magazine??? Oh, sorry, I forgot…

  • milkandcookies

    @April appreciate your comment.

  • Will

    Totally unnecessary post by Carol Shih, great way to poison the well water with a new franchise in DFW. Learn some tact and pick up the phone.

  • todd

    Good to know that the next time I need to generate a little needless drama, all I need to do is put up a banner containing D Magazine’s logo.

  • Dgirl

    I’ve been meaning to try this place– thanks for the reminder.

  • paul

    I’d like to know precisely which copyright laws (plural) Ms. Shih thinks Capriotti’s is breaking here. I work in the publishing industry and can’t really recall the ones (plural) to which she alludes oh-so-subtly in her extra-legal veiled threat.

  • JS

    I, for one, am just glad that D Movers started this website.

  • @Will – Phil Jackson and I are email BFFs, so he knows I was poking fun. In fact, I am rather flattered by the banner.

  • Lindsey Walker

    This whole post is a little harsh and arrogant. Come on SideDish, give Capriotti’s a break.

  • Victor

    @Carol… I wouldn’t worry about these plebeians… I’ve had MUCH worse said about me… Sarcasm in the most difficult humor to write. Voice inflection is an amazing thing. Eye expressions are priceless. Paper is useless. Keep swingin’ kid! your doin’ GREAT! @ Paul the snarky wanna be lawyer… I’d say breaking of Title 17 U.S.C. and also Title 15 U.S.C. would count as “Laws” (Plural) so go smoke it dude!

  • lauren

    Carol, Carol, Carol. Put your big girl panties on and stop being a schoolyard bully. Oh, and by the way, if you’re going to write for a Dallas magazine/blog/bathroom stall wall, please learn how to spell Y’ALL. The apostrophe goes AFTER the Y. We’ve run folks out of town for far less.

  • paul

    Oh, Carol, you can’t just quote a chapter of the U.S. legal code you found in a Google search and call it done. There are such things as fair-use statues, and I’m sure D Mag has someone there in-house that can draw a diagram for you.

  • K

    @Paul, Lauren, if you want to make rude comments and think you’re smart, try scrolling a little up and read the part where Carol states that her and Phil poke fun at each other. Carol, your post is appreciated as always.

  • E

    @Paul – oh, Paul, it’s called a “joke”. I assure you that that word and its definition can be looked up on almost any dictionary found on a Google Search. I suggest you do it soon, and I’m sure your mother or father can help you with that.