• anne

    finally tried Uncle Uber’s in deep ellum and had the bacon and goat cheese sammich. it was delicious and i can’t wait to go back!

  • littleloo

    NHS Tavern last night. Roasted beet salad and the Mussels with roasted tomato jus and spanish chorizo with frites that my friend and I could not stop eating! All of it, so damn good.

  • Ceviche at Nobu
    Brazos Valley Blue Cheese at Pappa’s Brothers

  • Margaret

    Report from eating at Sissy’s last night– It is such a pretty little spot. Cannot even tell it used to be Hector’s. Good lighting and we sat on the quaint covered little patio.

    I had the short ribs and slaw. BF had shrimp and grits. We split the pickled shrimp appetizer first. All of it was super good. Portions were a nice size.

    We also ordered one piece of chicken on the side to taste and try since that is what the restaurant is all about. It was soooo crispy and juicy and flavorful.

    My mint julep was quite tasty too. I would go back for sure.

  • South Central hombre

    Fette Sau for BBQ in Brooklyn – Other than Franklin, some of the best I’ve had; Sripaphai in Queens for fantastic Thai food – like visiting a foreign country; Bar Boulud – oh the Amberjack!

  • littleloo

    Velvet Taco for lunch. I love the cornmeal fried oyster taco and the rotisserie corn is so good. The queso fresco and hot sauce in the corn makes it creamy and spicy and delicious.

  • PF

    VietNam Cafe – chicken pho – didn’t have depth of flavor, rather bland broth. Will try beef next time. Shrimp/scallop don’t remember exact dish – it was good.
    Orchard Thai – East Dallas – good, fast, friendly.
    In & Out, second try, double burger, grilled onions – very good. Fries well done this time – good color but really dry all the way through. Won’t order fries next time.

  • PF

    correction – Ginger Thai East Dallas Mockingbird Lane –

  • Medelsome Moth for 10pm dinner. Had a delicious and fresh Blanche de Bruxells with the Brie plate and then the Tandoori Lamb Skewers. It was all delicious but the lamb could have been salted less.

  • MoJo

    Just had the most amazing dinner at Bijoux in the new “Bistro” (opening night). The menu and prices read like a bistro, but what comes out of the kitchen is without a doubt fine dining. Every plate was beautifully crafted, and the flavors just sang and danced across our palettes. It was a meal that does not deserve comparison (because it stands alone), but when the experience is this good, you cannot help by rack your brain and compare…and Bijoux won every time. Service was also attentive and graceful. I have had so many memorable meals this past year…but this is IT. Every flavor, combination, and presentation is just seared into my memory.

    I know I am risking being over-superlative, so just go for yourselves and see the alchemy that is coming out of the kitchen. Go. Now. They’re on OpenTable. I just wish for everyone to have the bliss that I have right now.

  • Eagles

    Parigi for birthday lunch with my parents. Soup du jour was cream of artichoke… Amazing! Texture, taste, temp all spot on! Dad had a burger with the best french fries I have ever had; although, very disappointed with the Heinz ketchup served along side, even Whataburger has spicy ketchup now! Really good deconstructed cali roll with a bit too much rice but delicatable otherwise. Definately will stay on my go to list.

  • Frank wright

    Lining up at the food booths Friday night on the bridge. Anyone care to comment? Always interesting to see how the restaurants translate away from their kitchens and what people que up for. Long lines for Nobu chicken(?) skewers but just walked right up for Rathbun lobster shooters.

  • Frank wright

    Um queue

  • dfw75208

    Had brunch at Campo. Really good food and service. This place elevates every dish. The Torta Rustica is one of the best brunch dishes I have ever had. Flaky crust, nicely cooked eggs and wonderful mix of tender yet not mushy mushrooms, eggplant, onions, kale and perhaps other vegetables. It was beautiful. The house smoked ham and house made sausage were great too. That all being said, dropping $100 for brunch (meal for 2 with 2 drinks each) is not something we will likely do again. There are wonderful brunches all over town for half that price. Oak Cliff has really changed.

  • Babe Ruthie

    Pho is for Lovers, 5521 Greenville Ave.
    Delicious Bun Bo Hue!!!! Also had KBBQ Banh Mi sandwich and fried eggrolls.
    Highly recommended : D

  • justafoodie

    Dinner on Friday evening at Princi Italia. Loved the space, but food and service were disappointing. Tried the grilled Salmon, which was fine, but uninspired (and served with just 3 small asparagus spears), and the grilled tenderloin, which was a meager portion and served very undercooked (purple inside), despite a “medium-rare to medium” order request. Server did not return to check on meals that were delivered by bus boys. A side of olive oil and garlic pasta was dry, lumpy and bland. The fig and gorgonzola bruchetta appetizer was the highlight of the meal, but even that was a sloppy mess on toasted white bread. I live in the area and very much want to like this place, but the feeling out of the kitchen didn’t appear to be mutual. It’s not likely that I will return, but if I did, I would probably try the pizza.

  • Dgirl

    Finally got to Liberty Burger. We almost didn’t go since the line was out the door. The line moved quickly and the burger was well worth the wait. I had the burger with melted white cheese and poblano pepper. I highly recommend it! The seating is well organized and the staff is friendly and efficient– it’s obvious they want you to like your food.

  • lk

    @ Frank Wright…I was surprised there wasn’t a longer line at Rathbun’s booth too but I think some people didn’t make it that far down. The beignets from the new restaurant that will be going in on the west side of the river were delicious. I also liked Del Frisco’s plate.

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  • Kathy

    The posole at Avila. It’s the best, especially when you consider I don’t really like hominy.