Desiree + Camera: Photo Essay of Piecurious

Shepherds pie with butter bean mash garnished with thyme and candied pansies from Kate's mother's garden

Desiree Espada documents the food world through her lenses and writes this report:

Let me introduce you to Kate Nelson, an energetic and engaging twenty-something year old entrepreneur who is wise beyond her years. Kate is the owner and sole chef of Piecurious, a freelance pie company that caters to Meridian Room and individual clients. Kate is also the Kitchen Manager and designs donuts for the delicious new breakfast fad that is Hypnotic Donuts in east Dallas.

Jump for some amazing pie.

Kate filling her Pot Pie-ettes made with local venison, Tom Spicer's veggie mix, Gruyere and Brazos Valley Cheddar cheese (left); Hand-made crusts for Pie-ettes (right)

I had the pleasure of meeting Kate over at her mother’s house where she occasionally bakes. Kate learned to cook from her mother Raelene, Grandmother Barbara Jean, her sister Francis, “Aunt Fran,” and Marty Roper (both Kate’s Great Aunts). Kate gives a lot of credit to her great grandmother Thelma Roper for teaching her how to improvise while cooking and use farm fresh ingredients whenever possible.

"Hole in the Wall" Raspberry Buttermilk Donut Hole Pie

Shepherd's pie with butter bean mash

In the kitchen, she’s spontaneous and unpredictable, utilizing fresh and local ingredients. Her menu adapts to the seasons. Kate’s a chef who really gets food and knows exactly what she wants.


  • sherman

    Is Piecurious available at Bolsa Mercado?

  • bluebird

    love butter beans in any format

  • graceL

    Oh my goodness. I had such an audible sharp intake of breath when I saw the first picture of Kate’s pie-ettes. They not only look delicious, they are so aesthetically pleasing as well!

  • chow

    looks good

  • great blog post, great pics, great pies. I’m confused by the feelings inside me. I guess if i’m being honest, I’ve alway been a little pie curious.

    been looking for a sheperd’s pie since tipperary inn went away. have to check it out.

  • Jo Bennett

    I just hope the ladies keep up this fantastic direction of beautiful outstanding pies and trends in this area…we need so much more of that not steak houses and dull uninteresting unhealthy food.Thanks!!

  • Anne

    KATE, if you’re reading this: what kind of crazy fantastic mascara do you use? You’ve got the most gorgeous, feathery lashes! Pleasepleaseplease share the brand and name.

  • Jay

    Gorgeous photography. Great post.