Nana Restaurant in Dallas to Close in June and Reopen as a Steakhouse in September

My Last Supper at Nana: Grilled duck with beets. Photography by Kevin Marple.

This news breaks my heart. Nana Restaurant at the Hilton Anatole, led by the talented and innovative chef Anthony Bombaci, will close on June 9. The restaurant will undergo reconstructive surgery and emerge as an upscale steak house in late September.

Here are some of the details I’ve beat out the bushes. The new name has not been selected. (We can certainly help with that. Leave your suggestion below.) The interior, designed by a California firm, will be “contemporary with an LA-inspired design.” (The skyline view will remain Dallas’!) The menu will be “all about steaks and one-of-a-kind sides and desserts.” The executive chef of the steakhouse hasn’t been confirmed, but that person will work under Anthony Bombaci who has been promoted. I don’t know his position at this point.

Oh, Nana. You have been such a blessing to this city. We loved you when Doug Brown was the chef and Jason Foss was the pastry chef. We loved you during the fancy days when David McMillan sent entrees out of Versace and Rosenthal china and general manager and wine expert Paul Pinnell roamed the room. We love you for bringing Anthony Bombaci to Dallas. This news makes me appreciate my last meal at Nana even more.

Make a final visit and pay homage to Nana. You have a little over three months to get your Bombaci fix. Make a reservation now: 214-761-7470. And name the new restaurant below!



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  • Ryan M.

    Thank god. This city is so flush with inventive, chef-driven cuisine. I’ve been waiting for someone to open a decent steakhouse…

  • James

    That’s pretty pathetic.

  • Blake

    What a shame… the last thing this city needs is another steakhouse. Nana has some of the best food in Dallas.

  • Bill

    New name: “Sellout Grille”

  • Baited N. Switched

    Have loved Nana for years, but last time we went the service and food were both AWFUL. Very uncharacteristic. It was about a month ago.

  • Jeannie

    Noooo. We went for our anniversary and it was stupendous. What a loss. Really hate to hear this. I’m sure the new place will be beautiful but I will miss the food.

  • No, No, No!!! Please say this isn’t true!

  • CollinBabs

    We don’t need another steakhouse and we sure as hell don’t need more “California inspiration.” What a load of despicable rot.

  • NickP

    I worked here in 2009, and they were running this idea up the flagpole way back when. It will be sad to see it go.

  • KG

    That is so sad! Loved Nana and the thought of another steakhouse is absurd!

  • I’m guessing the 10-course vegan tasting menu won’t be back…

  • cbs

    sad, one of the best in town (country really) BUT location at the top of a hotel has always been the turn off for me (two general rules broken- no hotel restaurants and never go up to dine). If Chef Bombaci’s culinary excellence only pulled me up there 3x a year, I cannot imagine ever going there for steak.

  • im

    will Chef Anthony Bombaci stay at the new place?

  • matt mccallister

    This is horrible news… I hope Bombaci leaves to open his own place where his food will truly be appreciated. It would be a waste of extreme talent for him to stay.

  • … Damn.

  • Jo Bennett

    It is absolutely amazing to me that a city the size of the Dallas Ft. Worth area with the amount of money here that it could be as provincial in the restaurant/food area as it is.A few years ago Zagat stopped printing a guide for this area because the food scene was so staid and one dimensional and now we have one of the only not steak restaurant with quality food choices etc closing to offer yet another steak place.I love steak as much as anyone else but really is that the only fare we really want here?Is there so little sophistication in our culture and palates and if so why and how can it change?We have to grow up.

  • justafoodie

    Two words: Tourist Trap.

  • DFLR

    Nana Na Na Nana Na Na, hey hey hey good-bye.

    New Name: Steaks n’ Stuff will fit in nicely with the 75 thousand other steak concepts in this city.

  • omar flores

    Sad day…Without a doubt the most talented chef in the city. Really hope he moves on.

  • Barro

    “We are tremendously excited to introduce this unique, new steakhouse to the Dallas community,” wrote Anatole general manager Harold Rapoza in an email.”

    Really? What’s unique about a steakhouse in a place overrun with steakhouses?

  • Barro

    BTW, they do know that Charlie Palmer is changing over to a steakhouse too?

  • Laurie

    This seems like a reaction to the new Convention Center hotel and increased bookings. Everyone fights for that traffic with the expense accounts footing the bills.

  • Lord Kintail

    What ARE they doing? We have Steakhouse Redundancy in Dallas — Al Biernet’s, Del Frisco, III Forks, Ruth Chris, The Palm, Morton’s, Pappas…. Maybe they should rename the restaurant Superfluous.

  • logan

    Why are they doing this?

  • Claire T

    Name it Anan’s.

  • Paul

    How much of its business came from local residents? Not much, I’d bet. This restaurant is obviously focusing on the guests of the hotel, most of whom probably prefer a decently prepared steak to the latest foodie obsessions.

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  • Twinwillow

    Thank goodness we still have the Mansion for fine dining.

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  • Bombaci’s food has always been 180 degrees from hotel food. Hoping he opens his own spot as well so I can skip the $12 valet and the 27 floor elevator ride to enjoy his food.