Sandwich Review: Capriotti’s Sandwiches Get High Fives

Tim and Zac make sure the sandwiches are edible (left); Slaw Be Jos with roast beef, provolone, Russian dressing (right)
Photography by Elizabeth Lavin

After my online musings over whether Capriotti’s would be a good 50-store fit for our beloved DFW, the big boys over at Capriotti’s delivered four ginormous plates of sandwich samples to me and the office mates. D employees gathered ’round the choices yesterday, carefully selecting between the Bobbie (turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and mayo), Homemade Turkey, Italian, and Slaw Be Jo (roast beef, provolone, Russian dressing, cole slaw). The conclusion? Capriotti’s sandwiches are – hands down – wayyyy better tasting than Jimmy John’s limp excuses, and if it continues to preserve historic buildings the way it is, I’m personally a-okay with its expansion into DFW territory as a big fan of the Bobbie. (Thanksgiving leftovers in a sandwich = genius) Just lay off on all the mayo, will ya?

Jump for high fives

I asked other eaters to rate their sandwich experience from one (yuck) to five (awesome), and here are the results:

Charlotte willingly poses as my sandwich model

It was definitely Thanksgiving in a sandwich. The cranberry sauce and stuffing were full of flavor. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m going back for seconds. –The Bobbie, 5!

Fresh, meaty, and more importantly—tasty. Better than Jimmy John’s! –Italian, 5

The pulled roast beef was awesome. So tender! –5

Mayo overkill on all accounts. My sandwich is dripping like a snot-nosed toddler. – Slaw Be Jo, 2

I nominate the Coleslaw Turkey Sandwich for a high Five!!! This was by far the best sandwich I have had in a long time. The bread was soft and fresh. Loved it! – Turkey, 5

Hello, Italian
Photography by Bode Helm

Very yummy! I give it a 5.

I had the BBQ one and the turkey one. I’d give them both a 3. If they both cut down on the mayo/sauce, they’d each be a 4. If this is the direction chain sammich shops are going, we’re in for a treat.

The turkey cole slaw one was divine –5

I don’t even like cole slaw and I give both of them a 5. – Italian and Slaw Be Jo

The slaw was perfect (not slimy) and the beef pretty tender and flavorful. I was impressed that you still can taste the quality of the cheese despite all the flavors –Slaw Be Jo, 5

A good, solid, and tasty sandwich. I’d say a 4 for both – Turkey, Slaw Be Jo

Fresh ingredients, good bread with a crispy outside but a chewy middle. –Italian, 5

The Turkey one was just alright, nothing special. But then I tried the Italian – oh my! You can tell these people know their Italian food. Yummy! –Turkey, Italian -3.5

It had a lot of dressing so I’m sure the calorie content was out of the roof…which prob helped make it so delicious – Turkey

I’d give both my samples (Slaw Be Jo and The Bobbie) a 5 with raves! Deliciosa!

If you absolutely cannot wait for gas station Capriotti’s to open on Ross and Lamar this summer, you’re in luck because Plano’s already got one:
4021 Preston Rd
Plano, TX 75093
(972) 596-1999


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