Bits and Bites: Restaurant News

I was away from my computer most of the day yesterday and when I finally got around to reading the food news, I realized I missed some significant action. Here, in no certain order, are a few things  I failed to report.

Teresa “Gubbshoe” Gubbins and Mike “Whole In One” Hiller tied in a race to be the first to report the closing of Horne & Dekker. Gubbshoe coaxed a quote from owner Flynn Dekker. However, Hiller has some bitchin’ discounts on laundry detergent you can download from

Leslie “LaLa” Brenner ran the inside track and clearly beat the field on this announcement: Michael Sindoni, formerly of AGAINN restaurant in Washington DC, has taken the reigns as The Joule hotel’s Executive Chef and will be responsible for overseeing all food & beverage for the hotel including private banquets, room service, and the new Charlie Palmer food hall which is part of the hotel’s 2012 expansion. The restaurant will close for a short while and emerge as Charlie Palmer Steak which will be overseen by executive sous chef Joel Harrington. “LaLa” also admits she has a mild eating disorder when it comes to bread crumbs: “I am a sucker for bread crumbs,” she writes. “And they seem to be very much in the air these days. Or in the kitchen, anyway.”  And I thought it was ragweed! (SideThought: Who thought the name AGAINN was a good idea?) Moving on.

EaterDallas needs a boost to their self esteem. This morning they use today’s warm weather forecast as a clever lead into the riveting announcement of Eater Hottest Chef Competition. Then they bash themselves over the head for doing so: “…while we’ve never been great at weather metaphors we are about to get real good at giving you some eye candy. Who is the hottest?” I think the metaphor worked beautifully. After all, it is as hot as Dean Fearing outside at this very moment and the forecast says late afternoon temperatures will be as cool as Matt McCallister. Good work, Merritt!

The 8th Annual Savor Dallas is almost here! March 30-31 to be exact. Cue the press release quote from Jim “Red” White:  “We are excited to see Savor Dallas grow from its downtown Dallas base to include new events in Bishop Arts and Las Colinas.” says Jim White, Savor Dallas co-founder along with his wife Vicki Briley-White. “We’ve added a cool concert at the Kessler Theater, and created some great cooking and tasting opportunities that will benefit local food and wine groups like Les Dames d’Escoffier.” The White’s and company have lined up some big names in the business and have 400 premium wines to pour. It’s all here. Or call 888-728-6747.


  • Aw, shucks, Nancy. [kicks dirt] Thanks!

  • Brent D.

    Okay, I’ll ask. What happened to this:
    “Harrington says. “I am officially executive sous chef of The Joule, but I am basically going to be executive chef of the restaurant when the renovation is complete.” Fairy tales can come true!”

  • Brent, the release goes on: “Joel Harrington joins the team as Executive Sous Chef and will utilize his 12 years of experience to help transform Charlie Palmer at the Joule to Charlie Palmer Steak – Chef Palmer’s signature steakhouse concept. The restaurant opening is scheduled to take place this summer and will feature a dedicated Steak & Chop menu offering satisfying dishes such as Dry-Aged NY Sirloin with foie gras butter and cabernet reduction as well as Seared Lamb Chops with manchego potato puree and pickled fennel.”

    Sindoni is the hotel’s chef…oversees it all.

  • Not affiliated

    Brent: Executive Chef of the hotel and Executive Chef of the hotel restaurant CAN be two different positions. That arrangement is more frequently seen in hotels which do a lot of catering, e.g. for meetings held at the hotel. In this particular case, it looks as if the EC of the restaurant will report to the hotel EC.