Taco Review: Moto Taco in Dallas Provides Cubicle Cuisine

My little, fat Filipino chicken taco of stewed chicken, tomatoes onions, and peppers.

Yesterday I mentioned Moto Taco, a new breakfast and lunch taco delivery operation. We placed an order and Mac, who calls himself the Chief Taco Jockey, showed up with tacos. After his arrival was announced over the intercom, Mac was surrounded by 30 hungry workers. I felt bad for him. He was obviously overwhelmed at the response. Not only did he take orders, he processed payment. And he ran out of food. Needless to say, Moto Taco is still working out the kinks of their new business. (They have partnered with the kitchen at La Hacienda on Henderson.) I asked my office mates to send in their reviews which are listed below. I tried the carnitas and, other than the soggy flour tortilla which I see as an inevitable problem with their vision, the filling was tasty. However, I love the concept of office delivery and what I shall now refer to as “cubicle cuisine™.”

Jump for more details from Mac and the relentless reviews written by my colleagues.

Tim Rogers is always first. Here you actually see him parting with $2.50. Very rare sighting.

To his credit, Mac the Chief Taco Jockey, surveyed folks while they ate. He writes:

I spoke with a few folks to get feedback as well. We do this after every delivery either in person or by email. Unfortunately, they said that some of the filipino chicken and the hippie tacos had soggy tortillas. This is certainly an anomaly because our standard process calls for thorough draining of the meats and vegetables for portability. They mentioned that the other day when they tried them they were not like that. I am working with the kitchen to determine what was different about today’s order so that we can correct it. And of course, I’ll be bringing by some more next week (on me) so they can see the difference.

He also described the Delivery Areas:

Over the past few weeks, we have been introducing ourselves to customers in zips 75204,05,06,19 and 01 but have a few regular customers outside of that area. We target one particular area for delivery of breakfast or lunch each day by letting them know the day prior that we’ll be going there, about the menu and asking them if they’d like us to deliver to their office. Some people give us specific orders and times and others just ask us to drop by. This gives them flexibility and reduces the hassle of having to track down everyone. It also provides a service to those whose lunch plans were canceled, who were just given a big project to complete by 2pm or who rushed out the door without their sandwich that day. However, if there are any special orders or catering orders that come in outside of that day’s run, we can accommodate them if we have some advance notice.We plan to continue expanding our normal runs to other parts of Dallas in the same way. There’s no minimum order on the regular runs. If someone calls from a different area we always try to accommodate them if we have tacos available.

Tomatillo salsa on the carnitas taco. $2.50.

Office Comments: I asked for quick review and a one (bad) to five (awesome) rating.

“I had one carnitas taco. I’d give it a 2. The meat was alright, but I did not like the toppings at all. Was it boiled cabbage?”

“Rating : 1. The tortillas were doughy (raw and/or soggy).”

“The chicken was soggy and the carnitas, though not soggy, was tasteless.”

“Hippie-3. I’m not especially fond of meatless tacos, but these had decent substance and texture, although the taco was unacceptably soggy.”

“Carnitas-4. Not the best pork taco I’ve had, but very tasty. Good neutral flavoring (meat and fillings), and very good meat tenderness and texture.”

“No sauce on either. Overall taco sizes and amount of fillings were good (slightly above average). Glad to see they use flour instead of the corn tortillas used by everyone else.”

“The hot sauce that came with the chicken taco was great.  The taco, not so much.”

“Chicken taco very soggy, overload of peppers-2”

“Brisket taco kinda dry/tough-3”

Sorry for the soft focus on the Hippie taco of roasted tomatoes, serranos, onions, cilantro, and what looks like arugula.