Eat This Now: Black and Blue Burger from Kenny’s Burger Joint in Frisco

When do you know that you have started to become a little too familiar with a restaurant? Well, if you pull into Kenny’s Burger Joint and your kid starts cheering, “Yay! Uncle Kenny.”  And no, I’m not related to Kenny Bowers…and my kid hardly even recognizes his grandparents.  Perhaps this familiarity could be seen as a problem in a city that offers so many burger options, but to be honest, its easy to get underwhelmed by the consistent stream of the newly minted burger joints.  Seems like there are about 2 new openings a week, la-dee-frickin-da. These days, I can count on one hand the number of places I will actually patronize to in order to obtain a truly exceptional burger.  Kenny’s has been doing things right since the beginning.

Kenny will tell you that he originally got such excellent feedback from his “Sterling Silver Burger” at Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill, that it was only natural to create a burger-centric restaurant.  And we are all blessed because of it.  Sure, it’s a bit of a pain for many to trek out to Frisco, but when quality and consistency intersect, the results can be something so enticing that nearly anyone can bust out of the north-of-635 bubble.

The first time I ever bit into a burger created by The Burger Meister himself, I knew it was the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship.  Not only has Kenny made me a happier person, he has made me insanely popular with my new friends who seem to always want recommendations for burgers.  Kenny’s has been one of my obvious recommendations for years.

What makes Kenny’s burgers special? Many things, I suppose, but that man just does the basics right.  The Sterling Silver brand beef is always incredibly juicy, like, army-of-napkins-to-clean-up-with juicy. Everything is fired over a wood-burning grill fueled by nothing but sweet Hickory.  The buns, a lovely Ciabatta, baked fresh daily by the local folks at La Spiga bakery, are soft, airy, but sufficiently sturdy to withstand said juices from creating a floppy, soggy mess.  My personal favorite, the Black & Blue, adds the expected bleu cheese and dressing, but also blends their beef with a touch of Cajun spices.  The finished product is a brilliant piece of work.  But honestly, it’s pretty hard to screw up an order at this place.

With most burgers in the $6-8 range, the KBJ truly is a gem among burgers joints.  I’ve paid triple that for far inferior burgers.  So buckle down and make the journey up to Frisco, it’s a lot less intimidating than you think.  I’ll even hold your hand as you cross the street if it helps.


  • Sarah Eveans

    Kenny’s also has the best jalapeno poppers and Bloody Marys. Highly recommended for your next visit Daniel!

  • Nic

    I’ve had the burger from Kenny’s Wood Fired, and was even steered towards this place by my server. I think I’ll give it a shot next time I’m out that way. The burger I had was awesome…AMAZING.

  • Kirk

    Kenny’s also serves the closest facsimile of poutine in the DFW area. The melted jarlsberg doesn’t quite replicate cheese curds, but it’s good enough. I also like their Hangover Burger, with bearnaise sauce and a runny fried egg on top.

  • Martin

    I agree, I love their burgers. And they have some nice adult shakes, too.

  • irodguy

    Of course nobody mentioned the $1 rib night on Sunday. It’s an awesome special. Also there onion rings are as big as hub caps.

  • Sense

    Thanks for this as I’ve never heard of it. Jesus it sounds good.