Somebody Help This Poor Pilgrim Out

While we spend a lot of time every year compiling our Thanksgiving menus into a list that contains several take-and-bake turkey options—we have yet to taste and rate every single one of the birds. So, be a pal and help Emily find the best in town:

Has SideDish covered the best turkey to buy for Thanksgiving dinner?  I can’t seem to find anything like that.  I’m planning on cooking our meal from scratch, and just curious if SideDish has any input on where to buy the best fresh turkey…  Have bought from Whole Foods before, and wonder if there were other/better options…


  • tinkerbell


  • Kuby’s or Urban Acres.

  • Dubious Brother

    Save yourself the trouble and order a smoked turkey from Kuby’s – focus on the side dishes – best turkey I’ve ever had.

  • Rob

    I like the heritage turkeys from Central Market, the brined turkeys from Hirschs and one year I ordered a pastured turkey from one of the local farms – all great options

  • KS


  • S

    Natural Market offers several fresh options. Wonderful, hormone-free, tasty birds.

  • becca

    red, hot & blue smokes a pretty good turkey, too

  • Lakewoody

    It’s smoked, so not ‘fresh’ but its awesome!

  • primi timpano
  • Mark

    Local Yokal did have local, pasture raised turkeys, though they may be all out by now. Call them or Urban Acres to see if you can track one down. If you’ve got one slow cook it in an outdoor rotisserie grill. We did that last year, and it turned out better than Kuby’s.

  • Emily

    Thanks all – most places listed were out by the time I reached them, and we prefer roasted (brined, etc.) to smoked, so we’re going back to Whole Foods for the organic Diestel Farms turkey. Was a hit a couple years ago, will happily do it again!