Sigel’s Winter Food Truck Festival Cancelled

Remember the hugely successful Summer Food Truck Festival, sponsored by Sigel’s?  Well over 2,000 people in 108 degree sweltering heat?  Everyone was excited to hear about a Winter Festival on November 12.  According to Sigel’s Truck Master Jasper Russo, the first festival was so greatly successful that it drew the scrutiny of the city of Dallas for much larger event planning.  Dallas wants Sigel’s to increase everything, from security manned by official Dallas police offers to Port-O-Pots to a standby EMS ambulance.  If you were there sweltering in summer, you’ll recall none of that existed.

The festival was just too successful for the available parking lot space and Sigel’s had to take the tough decision to cancel.  While there are going to be some unhappy food truck owners, we certainly understand the decision.  In any case, there are de facto food truck festivals taking place almost every week in one location or the other and most often in the Arts District.  Even last night, Cavalli Pizza, Nammi Truck, Bomb Fried Pies, Trailercakes, and Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe were at D Magazine’s FrontRow live event last night.

Russo told SideDish that Sigel’s will continue to support the Food Truck movement, and is adding new trucks to their rotation.


  • Amy S

    There’s always Addison, I’m sure they’d love the tax revenue.

  • Let’s not throw Dallas under the DART bus. From my discussion with Jasper, they were not being unreasonable. They wanted security and sanitation befitting a 2,000+ person event. That particular parking lot really just can’t support that many people.

  • Lee

    George, you are right. However, dealing with the City of Dallas for events is FAR more difficult than other cities around, even Highland Park or University Park. Not to mention the fact that permits are much more expensive. Sometimes you get conflicting requirements from the Health Department and the Fire Department. They don’t make it easy.

  • I was able to work with the City of Dallas one and a half years) to get the first retrofitted gourmet food truck passed in Dallas. While difficult, Dallas is there to protect the citizens and there are ways to work with officials to help satisfy everyone’s needs. The DFW Street Food Coalition will be able to commit our time to working with city officials and the food trucks to come up with a win/win situation so that the ultimate winner is the food truck enthusiast. There were far too many people that did not get fed at the last event and the restrictions come as no surprise to me. We will be seeking larger venues for our events and Sigel’s and Jasper will always be remembered as the pioneers and welcome to help sponsor future events. Everyone has worked very hard to get our new Street Food Culture off the ground!!! Stay tuned and visit @dfwstreetfood on twitter, dfwstreetfoods on Facebook and on the web for more information. Thanks, Randy Wolken

  • Montemalone

    Only Dallas can take something successful somewhere else and totally screw it up.
    Food trucks are for cities. They go where the people are to sell them food. That’s why they are in a truck.
    Here, we want to have a bunch of them parked in one location so a bunch of trendy people can drive there and require special event permits, portapots, and cops.

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