La Madeleine at Northpark Tries Out a New Style

Intern Jessica visited La Madeleine’s the newest concept:

After a year and a half of gathering customer feedback La Madeleine has updated their style. This morning the La Madeleine at Northpark invited the media to come see the first newly designed restaurant and to sample their holiday dessert menu.

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Peppermint chocolate parfait (left); a pasty chef in the front window browns the top of gingerbread creme brulee (right)

Even before walking into the restaurant, I noticed a visible difference in style. Most notably, this La Madeleine doesn’t use paper menus. Instead, a large, virtual menu hangs behind the register and changes depending on time of day and menu options. And no more walking through a line with a tray. In this location, orders are delivered to your table. In the revamped kitchen the lack of microwaves or fryers underlines the fact that all items are made fresh, on-site.

This is the first La Madeleine of its kind, and all others made after it will follow the updated pattern. (Already-existing locations may undergo a few updates, but for the most part they’ll stay the same.) All locations, no matter their style, will be add limited-edition desserts to their menus for the holiday season. Additions include mini-gingerbread creme brulée, peppermint chocolate parfait, coconut macaroons dipped in chocolate, triple-chocolate peppermint cookies, and gingerbread-fig muffins resembling miniature bundt cakes.


  • Nicole

    Back in the day La Madeline used to be a nice place to go with such a warm and relaxing atmosphere. OK, maybe not the NorthPark location but definitely the Preston Forest location. Now it’s just another fast food joint that doesn’t serve burgers. Pretty sad I think.

  • Me!

    I agree Nicole, why can’t they serve burgers? It is a sad day indeed.

  • skippy

    Not exactly the first La Madeleine of its kind — the Preston Forest location has been updated as well.

  • skippy

    And I for one welcome these changes. It’s a much cleaner, modern feel but with the same great food.

  • TLS

    From the picture it looks like Panera Bread.

  • Golly Rancher

    yes, years ago LM was a good place, with nice atmosphere to get pretty good food. they completely screwed it all up in their corporate reorganization. no paper menus, no woodworking, no cool wood blocks for wait orders, no cool french onion soup ramekins encrusted with melted cheese…just plain soup cups.

    it was never the arch of “french cuisine” or anything but they f’d it up.

  • henry

    LM died when they stop serving shrimp salad.

  • Looks like just any other mall food court fast food place.

    At least the look now matches the food.

  • Jo Bennett

    Once the original owner sold it it went down hill and very quickly!He ought to return as a consultant and get it back to his original concept but with 2011 innovations and menu changes…burgers and frites could be a French take if done correctly.The Arlington location is by far the mos organized and user friendly and comfortable and they should ALL adopt that ambienc and decor and comfort!

  • A. B.

    Looks like Panera + Apple Store by way of Paris. Ick! Could use a little charm. And the food could use an upgrade. Had the worst lemon tart of my life at the Preston Center location a few months ago.

    That said, I imagine the flow will be better than it used to be when people were lined up out the door, moving along at a snail’s pace. For years I referred to it as “La Make-Me-Mad”.

  • I was out of the office yesterday when this report was filed. I got the press release for the event and according to the invite, both Phil Costner, president and CEO and original owner Patrick Esquerré were at the store. Patrick, what is next? A Red Box for croissants?

  • Kgun

    The Mermaid at Northpark is still the same great place for a good quick excellent meal.

  • Tanya

    I agree with Henry….It all fell apart when they stopped serving shrimp salad. I have never tasted a salad that made my mouth water the way it did. Some really great salads in Dallas, but this was by far the best!

  • wilson

    LaMad is a swiftly dying dinosaur. They may still have some fine people working in their stores, but their corporate directors are demonstrable idiots who don’t know their jobs. Haven’t been in years (since the food got lousy) No plans to go back.