Cafe San Miguel is Closing on Sunday

First Alma, now Cafe San Miguel. This just in from a loyal Disher and Cafe San Miguel diner:

Had lunch there today and was told by our waitress that they are closing on Sunday.

Is the Dallas revolution in Mexican cuisine flatlining?


  • cb foodie

    I don’t think it’s the Mexican cuisine thing as much as the congestion on Henderson thing. Recall that Hector’s on Henderson recently closed, too. I enjoyed dining at Cafe San Miguel, but the Henderson traffic in the evening was such a nightmare that I stopped dining in that area.

  • Amy S

    We used to go regularly, it was a mom-and-pop owned place and we loved their pomeritas and the bright lights in the bar. But somebody hijacked their parking lot and started charging $5 to park there, we never went back.

  • BorntoRhone

    I loved their food and only ever had 1 poor experience when they fobbed us off with store bought tortillas instead of the fantastic homemade ones. I never saw enough people there though and agree parking caused the problem because they were really more of a pure restaurant than part of the Henderson bar nightlife.

  • lk

    I love CSM but once the valet took over their lot and that end of Henderson became more developed, it was a production to go there. The owner said he will be looking for a new space in 2012 and I really hope he does.

  • Maybe it’s time for Pho…

  • sausage on a stick

    I concur w/the valet parking issues. Valet parking is like a syphillis outbreak in many areas of Dallas. We dined there and while the food was fine, the arrogance of the valets and having to deal w/them at 4:30 pm during the week meant other destinations for our Mexican food fix.
    Good luck to the owners with the relocation, sad to see any restaurant close in Dallas.