Top Chef Just Desserts Finalist, Morgan Wilson, Indicted for Child Pornography

D Magazine intern Jessica Melton was surfing the internet and came up with this doozie of a newsy story.

I was reading through Pegasus News when I ran across this incredible story: Morgan Wilson, who made it to the finals last year on Top Chef Just Desserts, has been indicted for possession of child pornography.

He is charged with not one, not two, but THREE second-degree felony charges of possession with intent to promote child pornography. His arrest was last December. Terms of his release included the monitoring of his internet activity and a $10,000 bond.

Wilson is still listed as the executive pastry chef at the Ritz-Carlton in Dallas, but is scheduled to appear in front of a Collin County judge on October 27.  Nancy texted Dean Fearing, execuchef of Fearing’s at the Ritz, and he texted back “No comment!!!!”

On Top Chef, Wilson seemed like such a suave, collected, although short-tempered, guy. As a regular follower of all-things-food related on TV, I watched Wilson and was proud that he was representing Plano on national TV. Now it feels weird to think that when I was watching the show, he’d already been arrested for having images of child pornography on his computer.

I may never be able to eat another cannoli again.


  • Cindy

    I saw this on Pegasus News earlier today as well. It’s also disturbing b/c he has a young son…

  • Jean

    This is so creepy. I watched him on that show and he was such a jerk. All he talked about was his little kid. Sick person. I hope they lock him up and take the keys away.

  • sara

    What a creep. The Ritz Carlton should comment on this matter.

  • Betsy

    I saw him on the show and I found him to be a narsisstic jerk! He was also very sexist and over interested in his woman’s dress he made to match the shoes. I remember him talking about knowing how to make desserts that kids would like and he made a very big deal about how much knowlege he has on that subject. I hated him on the show!!!

  • chris

    what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

  • bluebird

    thanks, chris, i was thinking the same thing. I liked him on the show, and if narcissism or an interest in shoes were a crime, there are a lot of people who’d be in jail right now.

  • Christopher

    Is he wearing a snuggie?!?

  • Murphy

    Jesus Christ.

    First, please understand that there is a HUGE difference between looking at images on a computer and ACTUAL child abuse. Its not as if he actually went out and made the images himself, hurt any children or SOLD any of the images that happened to be on his computer.

    Second, “Intent to distribute,” meaning the sharing feature on Limewire had not been disabled and he was inadvertently sharing them. The music and film industries try (successfully) to pull the same shit with unsuspecting parents of teens who download music or movies without consent or knowledge of their parents. Intent to distribute, my ass. If you have ever used Limewire, you know what I am talking about.

    Third, if you have used something like Limewire as much as I have, you also know that you can search for ANYTHING and seem to get the results that you are looking for and inadvertently download something that you do not intend because of intentionally mislabeled files. You also might think that you deleted whatever you didn’t intend to download and inadvertently share it with other Limewire users. Limewire sucks.

    Fourth, just because someone might have a severely distasteful fetish regarding ANYTHING, does not make them a terrible person. As I stated before, LOOKING at images (albeit illegal in nature) and ACTUALLY making them, selling them, or engaging in the abuse of a child through DIRECT CONTACT are vastly different. You might as well make the possession of photographs of individuals making meth illegal because the actual manufacture, sale, and distribution of that product is illegal.

    There is a lot left to learn about the situation so I will withhold and judgement on my part of Morgan’s guilt or innocence, but as of right now, it seems like the equivalent of someone being busted for having a gram of coke in their car and being charged with “intent to distribute.’

  • Becky

    Wow. Your thinking is so flawed. Even if what you said was true, that looking and promoting are different, it is not the same as just LOOKING at pictures of someone smoking meth, it’s the equivelent of someone obtaining and using it for their pleasure. Even so, the pornographers make money even when people only look at it. You ARE supporting child pornography if you are looking at it. Period. You are creating a demand or market for the material. You are not remembering there are the innocent victimes abused to make these pictures? You don’t think they are being harmed? You are not right. Sorry.

  • Liquid Ninja

    He was a great babysitter.

  • Harry Heart

    He is a jerk (know) & he does have a son & messing around on the Internet … Finding child porn … Holds HUGE responsibility! The fact he was file sharing doesn’t mean he “meant” to distribute it but the nature of that process makes it likely that he did distribute it. I’m going with kharma on this one but definitely wouldn’t want to be in his shoes or his loved One’s!

  • DJ

    @Murphy–Excuse me? You think that just looking at child pornography is OK???? What kind of person would even LOOK at a baby being molested? And you have the nerve to say that kind of person isn’t TERRIBLE!!! What if it were YOUR child being used for someone’s sick sexual satisfaction? If you believe that there’s ANY justification for it then maybe it’s because you participate in such degenerate behaviors yourself. You better hope there’s no God and no judgement day.

  • sara

    @dj, I think Murphy is Morgan.

  • copyboy

    @ Christopher:

    I read that he was arrested at work and had his mugshot done with a towel draped around his neck so the Ritz-Carlton logo on his chef’s tunic wouldn’t be visible.

  • TLS

    @copyboy – That is not true. Collin County requires everyone in a mugshot wear a grey towel so as to not show the attire the person was arrested in. Sometimes witnesses will pick who they think is the perp based on what he or she is wearing or tattoos on the the neck, etc. The towel is the great equalizer.

    Don’t want to wear the towel? Don’t get arrested in Collin County.

  • Bravo

    On the show he was a azzhole, through and through.. a sexist, a bigot, gay comments and now this. He completely fit the M.O. of someone from Texas. Land of the extremist loons.

  • Bravo


    I hope the cops grab your IP and keep a look out for you. “looking at child porn’ is illegal fyi

    I couldn’t even read the rest of your post.. it’s pretty clear who and what u r.

  • Kitten

    Sorry Morgan, – er, I mean “Murphy” – nice try but you ain’t foolin’ nobody.

    And please, let’s not bring Jesus into it.