Special Report: Media Gets a Preview of Taste of Greenville Avenue

Sushi cone from The Blue Fish.

D Magazine intern Jessica Melton attended a press preview of the food that will be featured at Taste of Greenville Avenue (TOGA) this weekend.

We’ve all been there before. The age-old looping conversation of “I don’t know, what do you want to eat?”

Every now and then we get a break from having to make these awkward decision and pick an event like Taste of Greenville Avenue to satisfy everyone in our group. TOGA is taking place this Saturday from 10AM to 8PM at 4925 Greenville Ave. TOGA is a lot like Taste of Addison and Taste of Dallas, only it localizes the event by focusing on the businesses on Greenville Avenue. About 30 Greenville eateries will pick their best dishes and offer smaller portions—that cost about $3-$6—giving everyone the chance to try as many restaurants in one outing as they want.

Jump for food porn.

I got the chance to try out a few things that will be on the menu, and for the first time I realized the stranger something sounds–Candied bacon, brisket pies, and a sushi cone–the more delicious it is.

These local restaurants make it easy by telling you their history and what their most popular dishes are. I wasn’t too keen on the whole candied bacon thing at first, but when someone from The Grape told me themselves that their customers loved it, I couldn’t resist.

The same went for the brisket pies from The Original Fried Pie Shop and the meatball subs from Pho is for Lovers.

I may not know much, but after this culinary experience I know that from now on when there’s an opportunity to try something crazy, I’m going to take it.

As long as that something crazy is food.

Sushi from The Blue Fish.

Candied bacon from The Grape.

Pinkberry will be there,

Cherry and brisket fried pies from The Original Fried Pie Shop.

Meatball sub from Pho Is For Lovers.