• Steve

    Please god tell me this means I won’t have to see “hipster dreamboat” in every other post title over there now.

  • slade

    Go Margie!!

  • Not a fan

    Austin’s loss is Dallas’ gain. This is one food blogger I won’t miss. Turned me off from the get-go.

  • When is Steven Doyle going to be named the new editor?

  • Darren

    Isn’t Eater just an RSS feed, but with snark?

  • Many Purloined

    I’ll always remember while with the Observer she anointed a new restaurant as having ;best wine list; when she had merely gone there on a press preview before they even had a liquor license. Meanwhile, this boomerang micro-talent has attempted to re-invent herself several times since she came back here to Dallas the LAST time from Austin. Proving yet again….that not all inventions deserve a patent.

  • Oh my god, you people will never get your drawers out of this twist about the Green Room. Many Purloined, I dined there as a regular old paying person (with my fiance, in fact, who is the reason I’m moving back to Austin. So no, I’m not just packing up for fun. Just lame old true love.) And I named it the Best New Restaurant. If you’re going to whine and moan about me, there’s plenty to choose from, but do get your facts straight.

  • Rob

    I sat next to Andrea Grimes the night she went to the Green Room – the dinner was spot on that night

  • Mae

    good luck Andrea