• Cara

    Joe’s Coffee Shop in Irving- definitely not fine dining, but classic diner & all-day breakfast fare. Will go back because it reminds me of the small town cafe (complete with droves of the over-80 set eating supper at 3:30) and because I haven’t tried every flavor of pie yet.
    Coffee House Cafe- tried the lemon ricotta pancakes and chicken apple sausage– heavenly– and cool atmosphere with very attentive staff.
    Main Street Bistro & Bakery in Grapevine- I was sold as soon as I saw they had REAL pastries (eclair, napolean, creme brule, croissants) as opposed to baked goods (muffins, cupcakes, choc. chip cookies, donuts) that frequently get called pastries. French Brie Panini was delectable- melted brie, sliced pears, spinach, prosciutto. Also had sidewalk seating which is great now that autumn is arriving. Took a napolean and a fresh fruit tart home and was not disappointed by either.
    LePeep in Las Colinas- an old brunch favorite when I want eggs, cheese, vegetables, fruits, and/or meats in any imaginable combination. Friendly service.

  • Twinwillow

    Red Crimson for Dinner Wednesday night. The 2 types of spring rolls and the one order of crispy rolls we enjoyed were some of the best in Dallas. The skins were especially light and thin and very tasty. The dinner dish I had, “charbroiled pork with vermicelli” was good enough but, could not compare with the same dish I enjoy from Lemongrass.
    I’m headed there for lunch today to try their Pho. The true test! I did notice that many authentic ethnic Vietnamese dishes were lacking on their “Americanized” menu. But, it’s still close enough and good enough for me to return.

  • Twinwillow

    Dinner last Saturday evening at Gregory’s Bistro in McKinney. Good but, no cigar. However, great if you live in McKinney.

  • Eagles

    Vietnam Restaurant on Bryan, twice. Once the noodles were over cooked and last night they got my to go order wrong; won’t stop me from going back but still…
    Dinner at Ozona Wednesday ($1 beer night!) still the best fried chicken sandwich!
    Based on my breakfast pizza experience at Brackets last week my office decided to get lunch from them this week. Very good; Power on a Plate with hummus, spring mix salad, a grilled chicken breast and pita bread. My friends had the cobb and the pork chop. Apparently the pork chop is delicious, guess I’ll be trying that next week.

  • TLS

    Dinner at Social 121. Portions were a little smaller for the price than I remember but flavors and presentation are worth it. One quibble: the desserts tasted like refrigerator air.

  • A. B.

    Alma. Delicious but pricey ($3 for chips and salsa? $9 for guacamole??).

  • moreforfor

    MesoMaya last weekend. Superb. Nice service and the food and beverage menu was a nice change to the neighborhood texmex choices. I had carne asada and tamales for appetizers – both I highly recommend. Also, we hit Princi Italia this week – very nice replacement to Popolos. The food was excellent. My only question is, if the restaurant is supposed to be a more casual place the the manager needs to get out of the suit and tie.

  • PF

    Gloria’s (Lemmon @ Douglas) – good (but high sodium warning) and very attentive service. Jimmy’s for sandwiches to go – always good.

  • GoParishPanthers2015

    Ate at Princi Italia Thursday night-great food and beautiful setting. Service was good. The only draw back was the glare of the sun which did not affect us but several table of diners had to move to avoid the sun. Some kind of screen might be needed on the west side and would also block the parking lot view of the cars.

  • TL

    Smoke for brunch. Shared an order of blueberry ricotta pancakes topped with vanilla poached apricots and syrup and also a dish of their famous brisket cornbread hash elegantly served with a poached egg on top…and a mimosa…or three. Could not believe how harmoniously balanced the flavors were… and light (for a bbq breakfast of course)! A thing of beauty! Pancakes had just the right amount of sweetness, make sure you take a bite of all the components together….superb. Brisket was perfectly moist but perdonally think it could have handled more spicyess…it is afterall texas bbq. Service was exceptional as always. Happy servers make suchna big difference in the overall experience. Keep on servin’ them good vibes! Highly recommend!