Somebody Help This Poor Girl: San Antonio

A Disher with a head for PR and a bod for PR writes:

Taking kids to sea world this weekend and staying at La Cantera. Do you guys have any great restaurants you would suggest we not miss while there??? I would like to take advantage of not sticking with summer diet this weekend. 😉


  • the delicious German restaurant & deli- Schilo’s in downtown! a San Antonio original!

  • Megan

    The original Rudy’s location is just a few miles north of La Cantera off of I-10. Still my favorite locations.

    My usual SA recs (which are in the city, not really out by La Cantera) are: Los Barrios, Chris Madrid’s, Florio’s Pizza, Big Lou’s Pizza, and Taco Taco (for breakfast tacos).

    Or you could preview Dough pizzeria!

  • Nicole

    For breakfast, you must try Magnolia Haus or The Guenther House. For artery clogging, greasy spoon type dive, try Lulu’s Jail House Cafe. Dough Pizzeria is an absolute must while there.

  • aria
  • Andrew Chalk

    Luke River Walk

  • Go to the old Pearl Brewery and try Il Sogno Osteria for an upscale, amazing meal… or try
    La Gloria Ice House for something more casual but still delicious.

  • Karen

    It’s San Antonio- you have to do Mexican Food!
    La Fogata- is great-awesome outdoor space- it isn’t a bad drive and it has parking

    Also Mi Tierra- it is huge and also has a bakery- it isn’t far from the river walk and is at market square

  • D

    Pasha!!! It is amazing Mediterranean food! We don’t have any good Mediterranean food here in Dallas (outside of Istanbul Grill in Arlington). I have been on a personal search for good Mediterranean in Dallas proper, and there is none.

    Bohanan’s for Steak. Only thing better is Papa’s Bros here in Dallas.

    Magnolia Haus is good. The hash there is AWESOME. There house made maple syrup is over rated and tastes more like simple syrup.

    The restaurant at La Cantera is really good too. I stayed at La Cantera fourth of July weekend and ate there.

    The Lodge is another restaurant that is FANTASTIC in San Antonio.

  • Kirsten

    RUDY’S BBQ… Gotta have it! Best BBQ in Texas!!!

  • I second Il Sogno you might also try Sand Bar at the Pearl Brewery, I really enjoyed the wine lists and both places, Andrew Weismann(sp?) is a great chef, I am sad to see La Reve gone.

  • Shannah

    Rosario’s –

  • biznews

    You’ve got to try

  • Audrey

    Mi Tierra is good mexican if you want the San Antonio boarwalk feel.

    Paloma is amazing if you really are into the food. Located in Alamo Heights.

  • Amanda

    You’ve got to try Sea Island for the BEST, most affordable, locally sourced seafood:

    and, there’s a new restaurant with locations by La Cantera & Sea World, Tiago’s Cabo Grille. It’s not your typical Tex-Mex that you’ll get at the restaurants mentioned above- plus they have the BEST margaritas and chocolate cake!

  • HPmom

    Are any of these near La Cantera? We too are headed down there later this week and would love a non-chain dinner spot as well as a brunch place that’s not too far from the hotel. (no Barbeque- we plan to hit Louis Muellers on our way home!)

  • Sarah

    The Smoke Shack on 410 and Nacodoches…. it’s a BBQ food trailer! Best pork sliders with a famous mustard sauce!! so so so good. They just won best food truck in San Antonio at the Boardwalk on Bulverde Foodtruck Throw Down.

  • Sarah

    Also Tre is awesome! Try the freshly pulled mozzarella! yum!

  • ts

    Bill Miller’s will have your remembering San Antonio for many hours afterwards.

  • Golfnfashion

    Places convenient to La Cantera:
    El Chapparral – family owned on Bandera Rd in Helotes.

    BigZ – burgers from Andrew Weissman, the chef/proprieter at il Sogno and Sand Bar (and I would agree, il Sogno, while not near La Cantera, is worth a visit…amazing)

    Freetail Brewery – pretty solid beer and better than acceptable food.

    Rome’s Pizza – there is one on Bandera Rd just outside 1604 – not as good as Dough but convenient and much better than average.

    Other places:
    A 2nd for La Fogata – easy to get to from La Cantera
    Biga on the Banks – on the riverwalk.
    Boudros – on the riverwalk.
    Dough – the best pizza in San Antonio and will rival anything in Dallas when it opens here.

    Hope that helps.

  • Eater

    Bistro Vatel

    Damien Watel is still rocking it in SA

  • If you really want some good BBQ, then skip a disappointing meal at the original Rudy’s in Leon Springs, and go to Two Bros. Market instead. Not only is the BBQ great, they also have a huge shaded playground outside for the kids.

  • Chris Morgan

    Bin 555—patio, cool wine list, small plates…caramelized brussel sprouts that haunt me

  • coddat

    The Quarry Hoffbrau- Not actually German but still good food and a fun people watching place.

    Paesano’s- The Quarry location skip the riverwalk and 1604. Make sure to get the calamari giantissima

    The Silo- Excellent upscale dining without a pretentious feel(at least at the Alamo Heights location).

    Brunch- The Gunther House restaurant, located at the gunther pioneer flour mill in Southtown

  • DarnellErwinFletcher

    Los Barrios, Chris Madrid’s,

    That’s all you need to know right there

  • Hpmom2

    @hpmom. We are headed to LM for BBQ right now. They are closed on Sunday FYI.