If You Could Eat Anything in the World, What Would You Eat Right Now

Like I said, it’s a slow news day. But I was gTalking with a friend of mine and she and I were fantasizing about what we would eat if we could eat anything we wanted right now. I’m still looking for a Hatch chile cheeseburger. She’s jonsing for mojito sorbet. You?


  • ortolan!
    Oh, crap, I said that to the WRONG person…!
    Some uni-foie gras something instead.

  • you are a bad boy.

  • JT4242

    Chilaquiles from Maudie’s in Austin. Yummmmm

  • A Dragon Roll from Blue Fish yum!

  • chase

    That’s easy…the answer to that question is, and always should be, Bone Marrow @ St. John in London.


  • DGirl

    Viennese veal goulash and spaetzle.

  • Karen

    The mexican Roll from Iron Sushi in NYC, it is so good… spicy tuna, avocado, jalapeno, with tempura flakes wrapped in soy bean paper… yummy!!


  • The white truffle potatoes I had in Rome…

  • MeanJean

    Anthony Bourdain

  • Susan


  • Kat

    My moms fried chicken and potatoe salad.

  • Margaret

    Right now? Posole at the Shed and then later head to Bobcat Bite for a green chile burger. Thanks Nancy for getting my mind on that!

  • Can’t believe another person knows Iron Sushi. Love that place. Their avocado and peanut roll is awesome. Plus, one of the managers (Danny, maybe), is a huge karaoke fan. He might sing “Don’t Stop Believin'” if you ask nicely.

    Now, though, I want the goat cheese truffle tater tots from Tillman’s Roadhouse.

  • HPMom

    Lobster Three Ways appetizer with a crisp White Burgandy from the Marine Room at La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club. Served on the deck at hightide with the waves hitting the wall. At sunset.

  • Todd

    pizza with basil, sun dried tomatoes, & fresh garlic and a coupla cold yuenglings at jason’s restaurant ocracoke, nc.

  • Liz Landry

    @Nancy Central Market has a hatch chile cheeseburger in their meat department. The patties are mixed with bits of hatch and cheddar. I bet they would make them for you at their cafe.

  • Karen

    @ Liz Johnstone I love iron sushi, we lived a few blocks from the Murray Hill location, and I try and go back there when we visit, in fact thats where I walked to when I was stuck there in this past years NYC Blizzard, great for lunch!

  • Jill

    Speaking of NYC – the pork buns at Momofuku Noodle Bar – yum.

  • I had an awesome scallop and pancetta risotto at Adelmo’s a couple weeks back that I’m still craving. And a filet at Pappa’s, oh yeah…

  • LM

    Fried chicken, biscuits, mashed potatoes and green beans at Loveless Cafe in Nashville. Oooh yeah…

  • Jane

    On a trip to the Oregon coast last year we spent days celebrating the bounty of that region- Salmon, Halibut, beautiful fruit from farmers markets, delicious wines from Nehalem Bay Winery, killer brew from Rogue Brewery in Astoria to acompany a delicious cheese plate with smoked salmon and marionberry jam, touring the Tillamook Cheese factory and ending it with a dish of white licorice ice cream that I still long for. A wonderful day spent hiking up Multnomah Falls, and the next rainy day being trapped inside our rental making chowder from fresh clams and baking fresh bread. Sigh.

  • Twinwillow

    Sauteed sweetbreads with lemon cream sauce at Brasserie
    St. Quentin in Knightsbridge, London.

  • lk

    Pork buns and a bowl of ramen noodles at Ippudo in NYC.

  • Jim

    Bowl of seafood chowder from the Maine Diner in Wells, Maine, the Crostini at Osteria Ugo in Verona, small cup of lobster bisque from Daddy Jacks, the lamb chops from a very small cafe in Paris you’ve probably never heard of, and a Sacher Torte from the Hotel Sacher in Vienna.

  • Hillary

    My Czech great-grandmother’s cinnamon rolls and kolaches. They were the best and sadly, no one in our family has been able to perfect her recipe.