August 1: Monday Food Truck Schedules in Dallas

Okay folks, we are going to attempt to print a Food Truck Schedule every Monday. Hopefully, it will be good for the week of the post. I urge you to check the truck’s Facebook or Twitter feeds to ensure that they haven’t moved, canceled, or had vehicle problems.  Locations are always being updated, so if you see a “TBD” for later this week, then there is a chance that they’ve found a location by the time that day comes around.  These three, Gandolfo’s NY Deli, Ssahm Korean BBQ, and Nammi Vietnamese Bahn Mi are the most active trucks out there in Dallas.  We hope to have many more trucks in the schedule going forward.

Again, be sure to check their Facebook or Twitter feeds.  And don’t blame us if they’re not at the specified location.  Our info is only as good as what they give us. Having made those disclaimers, here you go.

Update: Added Jack’s Chowhound for Wednesday-Friday.
Update 2: Gandolfo’s moved for Thursday morning. Schedule is changed.
Update 3: Friday: Updated Jack’s.  Added City Street.

Day Truck Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Monday Ssahm Las Colinas Blvd (Canal); 11am Sigel’s #1 5757 Greenville Ave; 5pm
Tuesday Gandolfo’s off Crouch’s Sales 2636 Irving Blvd Sigel’s #1 5757 Greenville
Nammi 4101 Las Colinas Blvd E, Irving, TX. 11am-1:30pm 7770 N. MacArthur Blvd, Irving TX. 6pm-8pm
Ssahm Dallas Arts District  Pearl @ Flora; 11am Walgreens     Beltline @ Montfort; 5pm
Wednesday Gandolfo’s TBD 1500 Dragon St. / Design District / 11am TBD
Nammi Sigel’s/Fitzhugh 11am-1:30pm Walgreen’s/Montfort&Beltline 6pm-9pm
Ssahm Uptown Center     2626 Howell St ; 11am Fort Worth  I30 @ University; 5pm
Jack’s Arts District from 11-2 Sigel’s on Fitzhugh from 6-9
Thursday Gandolfo’s 2121 Flora St., 7:30 – 2:30pm 2121 Flora St., 7:30 – 2:30pm off
Nammi Walgreen’s/Montfort&Beltline 11am-1:30pm Sigel’s/Fitzhugh 5:30-9pm
Ssahm Centennial         8123 Preston Rd; 11am Uptown @ Lemmon and Cole; 5pm
Jack’s GWS Welding Supply 2506 Irving blvd from 1130-2 TBD
Friday Gandolfo’s 2121 Flora St., 7:30 -10:30 pm Sigel’s #1 5757 Greenville off
Nammi 2121 Flora Street 11am-1:30pm TBD
Ssahm Walgreens Beltline @ Montfort; 11am Walgreens Beltline @ Montfort; 5pm
Jack’s BoConcept in lower Oak Lawn from 11:30-2:00 Inwood Tavern from 5-9
City Street International Design Center on Turtle Creek from 11.30 1.30 pm
Saturday Gandolfo’s TBD TBD TBD
Nammi Sigel’s/Fitzhugh 11am-2pm 3501 McKinney Ave 6pm-9pm


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  • B

    I’d check out City Street Grille too. They’re very active and are in the Arts District for breakfast several times a week.

  • JHS

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

    My employer blocks ‘social media’ (Facebook, Twitter) and my mobile signal is horrid at work!

    Now I ‘plan’ my attack for Lunch Hour!

  • This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing the schedules!