Somebody Help This Poor Daughter Out

This just in from a perplexed reader:

Help! My 76 year-old mother is coming to visit next week and she doesn’t like spicy food. I mean REALLY doesn’t like it. At all. She won’t eat salsa—she even thinks sausage on pizza is too spicy—but she loves to go out to eat. We’ve tried taking her to our favorite Indian or Mexican restaurants and asking them to prepare the food mild, but it never comes out truly mild. It’s harder than I thought to come up with non-spicy food that’s not bland or generic. I need suggestions of where to take her. Please don’t say burgers or Applebee’s; there’s got to be something better out there. Something not spicy, but not lowbrow either.

Dishers? Dish!


  • non-spicy food that’s not bland or generic

    Soft rock that’s not slow or wussy

    Children’s programming that’s not simple or non-threatening

    Non-alcoholic beer that’s craft-style and tasty

    You’ve got to face it — spice is what makes keeps food from being bland or generic. It’s the difference. I don’t know any places that serve a nice boiled goose.

  • eat my cohorts

    oooh i have a similar situation with my grandparents.

    Try the Original Market Diner on Harry Hines; breakfast, lunch, dinner. also Norma’s in Oak Cliff (Addison, elsewhere) is solid.

    any of the Babe’s locations (or Bubba’s at Snider plaza).

    Horne & Dekker’s Sunday Supper.

    S&D Oyster Company for good seafood in Uptown and always seems to be a lot of old people there.

    Angelo’s in Lakewood is solid, unpretentious and modestly-priced Italian food.

    The Grape is a family favorite.

    Neighborhood Services is solid and will have food she recognizes.

  • GJ

    My 80 yr old parents like Celebration on Lovers Lane. Remember it’s the time spent with your Mom that is the focus and not the plate in front of you. Enjoy being together again.

  • allison

    I would suggest Mediterranean food. I personally like Dimassi’s but I won’t suggest a buffet. Hummus, baba ghanouj, kefta, fresh & light salads. All flavorful but not spicy. Maybe Ali Baba or something?

  • allison

    ^ Babe’s is a good suggestion. That was my 89yo great-grandmother’s last restaurant outing and she loved it.

  • Rebross

    My 71-year old mother is the same – no sugar, must be gluten-free, etc., etc. Her favorite places to eat are Jasper’s, Del Friscos, and Pappadeaux – yeah, I know, Pappadeaux has lots of spicy food, but they also offer a very large grilled fish selection.

  • Jessica Lowry

    Agreed on Horne and Dekker…
    Blue Plate Kitchen at Preston/NW Hwy or Jasper’s in Plano for backyard/homecooked food with a twist…
    Howard Wang’s in Uptown (go earlyish…a fair amount of older clientele at 7:00 last Saturday) – Get the Vanilla Prawns…not spicy, but very tasty…
    Dish on Cedar Springs (again…go early it gets clubby later in the evening)
    Patrizio in Highland Park Village (buy her a few $1 baby bellini’s and she won’t know if the food is spicy or not 🙂 )

  • pgwiz1

    Try Rise. It’s all souffle. It’s not spicy, but it’s different and not boring.

  • Dutch

    take her to the UK.

    kidding. try Wisconsin. it’s closer.

  • Shelbyg75

    Rise would be a good option or perhaps German food… Maybe Bavarian Grill…

  • tx2step

    Head to the Screen Door in the Arts District and then take her to “The Wiz” at the Wyly.

  • Katie

    Crossroads Diner is great for breakfast or lunch. You could do a margherita pizza at Cane Rosso.

  • Sammy

    Dixie House in Lakewood!

  • toby

    Company Cafe on Greenville near Belmont. Healthy and local.

  • Amy S

    @Dutch. Lmao.

  • Heather

    What about trying Celebration Restaurant on West Lovers? Their food is more home cooking, along the line of comfort food. You can see the menu online.

  • Andrew Chalk

    neighborhood Italian

  • Loopy


  • Bethany

    I agree – Celebration is great, or maybe Dunston’s?

  • ZK13

    Capital Grille. Meat (think dry-aged and prime) and potatoes. Or creamed corn for that matter.

  • CBS

    no question- rise.

  • alyb

    My mom (84) who doesn’t like a lot of heat but does love good food, likes the following (in no particular order): The Grape, Rise, St. Martin’s, City Cafe, Sevy’s, Taverna and Parigi.

  • Twinwillow


  • KW

    Rise..added bonus of having a Bush walk in the door.

  • KW

    Or go across street to Dunston’s on a Monday night…since Brookhollow CC is closed, you see all kinds of Dallas swells in the back room.

  • MNW

    Reata in Fort Worth is a nice twist to experience a little western experience. The menu is versatile they even have a vegetarian Plate and great desserts. Agree with Rebrouss you can’t go wrong with Pappadaux’s. La Madeleines for lunch.