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Somebody Help

Somebody Help This Poor Daughter Out

By Sarah Reiss |

This just in from a perplexed reader:

Help! My 76 year-old mother is coming to visit next week and she doesn’t like spicy food. I mean REALLY doesn’t like it. At all. She won’t eat salsa—she even thinks sausage on pizza is too spicy—but she loves to go out to eat. We’ve tried taking her to our favorite Indian or Mexican restaurants and asking them to prepare the food mild, but it never comes out truly mild. It’s harder than I thought to come up with non-spicy food that’s not bland or generic. I need suggestions of where to take her. Please don’t say burgers or Applebee’s; there’s got to be something better out there. Something not spicy, but not lowbrow either.

Dishers? Dish!