Somebody Help This Other Poor Girl: Custom Birthday Cakes

One of our loyal Twitter followers tweets a request.

Who do you suggest for custom birthday cakes?

@You guys. Tell her #yourfavorite.


  • A.D.

    Frosted Art. They did my wedding cake years ago and we still get birthday cakes from them. I’m a baker and *very* particular about how the cake actually tastes under all that decoration, and Frosted Art’s is the best one I’ve found in Dallas (not dry, actual flavor, doesn’t taste only of fondant, etc etc etc).

    Alternatively (and much cheaper), Stein’s Bakery. They may not do a crazy-shaped cake, but their white cake with white icing is great.

  • Fairparkie

    Society Bakery – so tasty, they can do custom orders and I like that they give money to charity.

    Dallas Affairs – white chocolate cake with raspberry filling … oh my!

  • Society Bakery – a friend sent this cake to me for my 30th birthday. Apparently my obsession with champagne does not go unnoticed.

  • +1 on dallas affairs

  • tx2step

    Jackie Spratt’s on Haskell. D Best!

  • Tossing my hat in for Society Bakery. Moist cake and their icing is not too sweet, so it tends to be a crowd-pleaser.

  • Twinwillow

    Aston’s Bakery on Lovers Lane. Best “specialty” cakes I’ve ever had!

  • @A.D. Could not agree more with your two suggestions- Frosted Art (also did my wedding cake) and Stein’s Bakery (try the strawberry- my husband’s absolute FAVORITE!!).

    Society Bakery has pretty amazing cupcakes (my fav in Dallas)…so I would assume their cakes are just as great.

  • PF

    Frosted Art, Dallas Affairs, Jackie Spratt (very nice lady when I met her once years ago when she was in Snyder Plaza) are all good cakes – as is A&J Bakery on Oak Lawn (just depends on what you want, occasion & budget).

  • AC

    Tart Bakery on Lovers and Inwood. Ah-mazing taste and design!

  • Stacy

    Dallas Affairs Cake Co. is incredible! Have used them several times and they always exceed expectations.

  • Lindsey

    Jackie Spratt cakes are some of the best I’ve ever tasted. Even better, her prices are amazing!

  • Aimee D

    Central Market is fast and has a lot of options, excellent professional decoration. Cupcake cakes! Tarts! Carrot Cake! Chocolate Mousse Cake!