How Charitable is In-N-Out Burger in Dallas?

The North Texas In-N-Out Burger invasion caused our favorite (and inquisitive) philanthropic blogger, My Sweet Charity, to ask if In-N-Out Burger donated any of their opening day profits to local charities. She made a few calls and came up with an interesting (and pretty secret) answer. (If you are a nonprofit organization, you’d better read this like yesterday.)


  • Downtownist

    Is it typical of businesses to donate opening-day profits to a charity?

  • Jeanne Prejean

    Some business do. Some partner up with nonprofits to hold pre-opening parties. On The Border (pre-Chili’s) used to have two or three days of free meals if customers would bring cans of food for the local food bank.

    Smart new restaurants support local nonprofits and charities simply to show their support of the local community.

    Does it increase future traffic and sales? Perhaps. But at least it shows an immediate investment in the community.

  • irodguy

    While I realize restaurants partnering with charities is a big thing at the moment. It is truly amazing they are doing so in today’s economy. While INO has the money most startups and working on a wish a prayer as seen by the rash of closings in Allen.

  • benjamin rayford

    dear sirs.. in your planing ..and exspanion..for the new in n out burgers…have you considered…texohma land…north of allen..texas..grayson county..the sherman denison area..10 miles off the olklahoma border…you would draw customers.. from texas. and oaklahoma..its beef everything…in dall area…is moving north..the area is about 50 miles.. north off central express way….thanks