Vongeertsem Butcher Shop in Dallas is Closed

According to editor-in-chief, Wick Allison, Vongeertsem Butcher Shop in Oak Lawn is closed.  I’m not sure if they are still working with Artizone, the groovy online grocery store. (Have you tried it?) Anywhoo, I feel guilty for not shopping there and supporting the efforts of owner Greg Geerts. It’s a loss for the local independent food operator’s scene. Watch this video and feel guilty too.

UPPITY DATE: Faith, a very nice representative  from Artizone, just told me that VG’s Greg Greet is “currently developing another business.”


  • Unfortunately, Greg decided to completely close VonGeertsem Butcher Shoppe. Fortunately, we can all help support other butchers and small food shops in Dallas by buying local more often. Our goal is to make this really easy with home and office delivery via http://www.Artizone.com.

    Please find details about VonGeertsem’s closing in our blog article—http://ow.ly/4WC0Q.

  • Matador Meat & Wine, another neighborhood butcher shop, opened in north Plano about four months ago. We offer local grass-fed beef, along with grain-fed beef from Omaha, NE. We dry age all our beef onsite and custom cut all meats. In addition, we offer free range chicken, pork and over 10 homemade sausage. We also have 65 labels of wine and a home delivery service. Please check us out at matadormeat.com or call 972-377-MEAT

  • VG’s was great, sorry to see it go. I actually stopped by last week and saw the note on the door. Greg is a great guy.

    We all want to support local markets – but with yet ANOTHER Central Market opening and the Whole Foods cannibalizing their own business, its hard for the indies to stay afloat.

    what if sidedish had a weekly “market update” with what is fresh in the markets that week? Kuby’s, Scardello’s, Jimmy’s, Hirsch’s, Spicer, maybe even a fish market or two ;)…give the foodies in Dallas a resource to know what is worth their making a special trip.

  • Kim

    VG’s was AWESOME as was Greg! So sad to see the store has closed.

  • I loved Greg – happiest butcher around, and he offered the best Colorado lamb flown in overnight. Sad to see him go.

  • Marcus

    In light of Jon’s post, I’m going to celebrate Passporte Espana by doing paella on my green egg, and will do so with whatever seafood he sells me on Saturday morning.

  • oooh, i bet paella done on the BGE will just have a hint of smokiness that will totally make the dish.

  • mt

    greg was a good guy and i frequented often. too bad that you guys puff people up all over town with your dmag survey junk, but never actually use the people that you puff

  • Twinwillow

    Unlike NYC, Dallas seems to have a very hard time supporting small mom & pop indie shops of any kind.
    It’s a shame. I guess in Dallas, the store with the cheapest price wins. And, we lose.
    Thankfully, Scardello, Jimmy’s, Rudolph’s, Kuby’s and Hirsch’s, along with a few others still thrive.

  • Twinwillow

    I forgot to include TJ’s Seafood with the other’s I mentioned as thriving.