• VV

    Visited Komali last night, 4 people tried 8 different things, all good except for the very dry chicken served with the mole. Unfortunately, service was some of the worst I’ve had in a while.

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  • Nina

    Cane Rosso for lunch. Although I love the pizza and everything about the place, it won’t be included in a regular weekly lunch rotation. Pizza ($15), salad ($10) and tea ($2.50!!!!!) plus tax and tip make a lunch tab of over $30, which is a lot. You can go to Stephan Pyles for that.

  • Pickles

    Cane Rosso for lunch. Split the Buratta and 2 pizzas (Paulie Gee and Special K). Outstanding, of course. Looking forward to the patio on a nice day.

    Lucia for dinner. Phenomenal doesn’t even begin to describe it. Leek and bread soup, fazzoletti with braised short rib, and browned butter gellato with apple, pear, prune and hazelnut. Service was impeccable.

  • The_sneeb

    @Nina I had the rotational sandwich(Johnny C yesterday) for $10 and it came with a salad and it was enough for 2 meals easy. Not to mention it was awesome.

  • Guest

    Bonne Sante fundraiser that Chalk mentioned. Weaver’s lamb curry; J. Chastain’s gnocchi; and Staniford’s chorizo-stuffed bacon wrapped dates were spectacular. Bruno’s veal fritter was pretty dang good as well.

  • I’m dying to try one of the sandwiches at Cane Rosso. The pizza was fantastic, as usual! Love the new location!

  • We were toying with lunch size pizzas but I didn’t think they cooked properly (I think we need a certain surface area in our oven) – so we decided not to do them yet. We’ll keep tweaking. You can get half salads though. Stay tuned for more sandwiches – Roast Pork Italian next week.

  • ENB

    Pizza and Salad at Cane Rosso on Monday night…FABULOUS!

  • downtowner

    Pizza and burrata at Cane Rosso for lunch this week. Had a great time. Service was friendly and efficient. Pizza was good, and I could definitely tell how fresh the ingredients were. The burrata was fun to try. LOVED the bread that came with it. I’ll be back soon. Also, I was able to eat only half my pizza, but I was happy to have leftovers to take home.

  • A.D.

    Lunch yesterday at Il Cane Rosso. We split a burratta appetizer, which was great (and arguably, the foccacia bread was the best part) and the pizza was outstanding. I live down the street from Cavalli in Irving and work down the street from Il Cane Rosso. I see eating a LOT of Neopolitan pizza in my future.

    Based on how good the bread was, I’m excited to go back to Il Cane Rosso and try a sandwich!

  • Gipson

    Congratz to Mr. Jerrier. Il Cane Rosso is THE talk of the town, it would seem. I loved the traveling version and have complete faith in the permanent location as well. Can’t wait to actually get there though.

    I was hoping to see some opinions on Sutra at the Shops at Legacy. Come on, food blogs, as many stories as y’all collectively ran on Sutra’s almost-openings, where are the first looks now that it’s finally here?

    Not that I won’t be checking it out myself regardless. But that’s next week.

  • sharon

    Gipson we where at Sutra last nite. OMG the cuisine was out standing. Vj was in the kitchen cooking all evening long ….. I hope he do well

  • Gipson

    Awesome, that’s great to here. Thanks for your response.

  • Don

    I see that the new Whiskey Cake offers both Dogifhs Head 90 minute IPA and Dale’s Pale on on TAP! Sweet fancy Moses. Headed there tonight.

  • Pulltab

    Nice ad there for Whiskey Cake

  • JL

    I agree with VV. I had the chicken mole and it was the driest piece of chicken ever. The rice that came with it seemed like the standard Tex Mex rice you get at Taco Bell. Maybe 10 bites for $19? No thanks. Service was awful, too. The waiter at the table next to us seemed to be much better than ours. Sadness.

  • Steven Doyle

    Cane Rosso will still be doing the traveling pizza show at Times Ten et al.

    The Bonne Sante was spectacular. The line up of chefs was fantastic, especially for a first year event. I spoke to chef Davaillon and he said unlike last year he only plans on doing about 5 of these types of events in 2011. That speaks volumes to Scott Gottlich’s ability to round up a posse.

  • tinkerbell

    In Chicago for the weekend. Topolobampo for lunch. Tortilla soup was some of the best I’ve ever had. The broth was complex, rich comforting. Ginger/Mint mojito quite refreshing. Pork shoulder was not good. Bland, fatty, sauce kinda flat. Was really hoping for Rick Bayliss’ fantastic flavors. I’d go back for drinks and apps, not entrees.

    Just got back from nine course Chef’s Collection with wine pairings at Tru. Wow. Wow. Wow. Here’s the menu:

    White sturgeon “caviar”, avocado, hazelnut

    Linear foie gras, black fig ice wine vinegar, caramelized popcorn

    Celeriac soup, winter truffle, quail egg in its nest

    Seared scallop, butternut squash + ginger purée, apple celery salad

    Flavors of the season

    Day boat cod, bouchot mussel veloute, chanterelle

    Cervena venison, brussels sprouts, crispy bacon, red currant

    Choice of: cow, goat + sheep’s milk cheeses

    Honeycrisp apple beignet, vanilla ice cream

    Tremendous flavors, beautiful plating, wine pairings were excellent. Service was impeccable. Dinner was more than the total cost of my first car(’71 Plymouth Duster). Worth every penny.

  • justafoodie

    Visited Komali last Saturday evening and was very dissapointed.

    The Queso Fundido appetizer was served lukewarm, the Quesadilla appetizer should have been called empanadas (tiny), and were lacking in flavor, the Salmon entree was overcooked and the presentation was underwhelming. The standout of the entire meal was a spring mix salad with a nice vanilla vinaigrette.

    Service was absolutely pathetic – drinks were served 20 minutes after we were seated and no one bothered to ask about our meal until after we were finished – a common experience that I’ve had at Salum as well.
    It’s even more frustrating knowing that the owner was present and oblivious.

    I was a big fan of Salum and was very much looking forward to Komali – perhaps my expectations were aimed too high.

  • MHB

    Completely different experience at (first time visit to) Komali on Saturday night (2/19). We went early – just as dinner was starting – as we were off to an evening of gallery hopping in the Design District.

    We sat in the bar area. Service was very good and prompt. We had a late lunch so did not order much – round of drinks and 2 entrees.

    We enjoyed our meal, the atmosphere and front of house welcome.

    We have always enjoyed our meals at Salum and will definitely return.

  • I was craving some comforting Italian, and we headed up to Ferrari’s in Addison. Was also curious if the restaurant I remembered, but hadn’t visited in a while, was really worthy of only one star.

    Not at all. Found it wonderful, just the comfortable atmosphere and food I was hoping for. Great, attentive service, with freshly baked focaccia dropped within minutes of being seated. We ordered three courses, all split, and they did so beautifully, with no split charges. The chicken was so good I could have licked my plate.

    I thought wines were priced very low. Noticed they had MacMurray Ranch (as in Fred) Pinot Noir for only $39.50 per bottle. I had Chardonnay by the glass with a generous pour in the large wine glass.

    Wonderful meal, we’ll be back. I give it at least 3 stars.

  • Along with the rest of the Dallas, I enjoyed Il Cane Rosso for lunch last week.

    I literally ate a whole pizza on my own, so not sure I would need to downsize to a lunch size pizza – although it would be great if I decided to partake in a salad. For health.

    I also tried out Bryan Street Tavern’s pizza last week. I was a fan of the spicier sauce, but Il Cane Rosso can’t be beat as the new pizza king in town.

  • Beda

    Agree with Two Hot Potatoes, just had a pizza for lunch and it wasn’t enough to fill me up. I didn’t want to spend $10 for a salad and I wasn’t told of half portions. Why not just offer them in single portions? Don’t understand the trend of salads large enough for the table. I’m a big dessert fan and was disappointed that your three desserts came only in a size “large enough for the table to share” and for $10. Cane Russo is in competition with Fireside as being my favorite pizza.

  • Wendy Mincer

    I had to go to Cane Rosso after Tim Roger’s article. Having eaten at Aurora in Sorrento and living in the North End in Boston, the write up was either a good one, or a bad one. My date and I were running late and he sent me the article about Cane Rosso earlier that day, and it happens to be in his hood. We were hesitant with it being a new gig and you know how Dallas is about new places. When we walked in and were asked if we had a reservation, I just laughed. Seriously? So Dallas! Ok, there is a bias, I am not from here. We were about to walk away when the upstanding host offered us a table where they made the pizzas. Funny how it seemed like “the table near the toilet” as a consolation prize, but I have to tell you, after being in that spot, I will make a reservation for the toilet seats! The vitality, energy and aroma were amazing!!!! Our waiter was named Cole and he made an A dinner an A++ one. Remember, this was a quick stop at a pizza joint before we continued onward to the really cool surprise evening I had planned for my date. We closed the place down! Of course it was a soft opening, by that I mean they were operating under “working out the chinks”. I have worked these openings and as a worker, they absolutely suck. It is very stressful, chaotic and there is no way in hell to make every customer happy. It started with an alluring menu. There was not a pizza I would not eat, a salad that was not yummy and they had Rogue beer along with Moretti. I was happy. My date was amiss for no Chianti. But they got what they could and he was assured it would be coming soon. Literally everything we chose was sold out. LITERALLY. And with it being so busy, each selection took 15 minutes to get! Remember I lived in the North End. There, you would wait in freezing temps, outside in the snow, for hours, just to get to have dinner in a 10 table place (and a 10 table is big). But this is Dallas right? Finally, I was so hungry, I just said f*ck it (under my breath of course as I was on a date)and snagged a chunk of the Parmesan cheese sitting in the bowl that held the grater. I knew the waiter with the darling black rimmed glasses saw me, but he was cool. Probably thought I was just country, and I proceeded to sample it. Folks, I gotta admit, there is eating cheese IN Italy and eating cheese FROM Italy. Kinda like eating gelato in a piazza and getting a cup from Central Market. Better than nothing but not the real thing. Let me also add that I left behind 2/3rds of my clothing in Italy so I could steal back a few rounds of Parmesan, Regiano, 12 bottles of awesome wine, boar, you name it. This cheese took me right back to sweating in customs! I was prepared to bribe him with wine, as long as I got to take the cheese! Had the waited not been keeping an eye on me, I would have put the rest in my leggings!!! I kid you not. So if thats the cheese they grate on your dish, just imagine what goes on the pizzas!
    I am not a huge eater, but when I do, I like good food. And since I was paying for this date, I wanted it to be good, and also within my budget. After the second pie, I did not care. The salad was perfection in every bite. Salad! Only makes me wonder what the one I wanted tasted like! So since this comment has terned into a dissertation, let me close by saying this; there are dates where the guy is so bad, that the best food in the world would be like eating gruel. There are dates where the food is the only positive thing you got that night. And then there are those dates where the food actually made the date better and the date made the food better. Have you ever had one of those? We had such a good time, a total marriage between the “date” experience and the “dining” experience. And honestly, if I never go out with my date again, I will return to Cane Rosso. Hopefully with a new date! Either way, I will not be disappointed. Go with the expectation that its going to be good food, a fun and familiar environment, cute and great waiters, and just enjoy being there. You will not be disappointed!

  • Wendy Mincer

    Oh no, I was so excited I made some spelling errors! Please forgive me!