Who’s Who Burgers in Highland Park Village is Closed

The space will become, according to Ray Washburne the Pope of Highland Park Village, “a retail store.”


  • heelsoftar

    How long until Taylor Allday says nuh-uh?

  • DGirl

    Getting a little thin on restaurants there, Ray.

  • PF

    I won’t miss Who’s Who – to me it was over hyped and over rated.

  • cbs

    Rumor monger! Won’t miss the overly greasey and underseasoned kobe burger.

  • KitchenDoor

    Agree, this place was. So bad. Too bad there isn’t another restaurant going in.

  • Turd Burger

    Good. Kobe hamburgers are ridiculous.

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  • Thane

    So glad it’s gone. Never had a good meal there and never understood how a burger could be so bad.

  • Aaaah…that would explain all the Parkies at Maple & Motor recently. The burgers at Maple & Motor were gooooood.

  • Yum

    Itty Bitty Mama – I know there were so many there on Sat.!

    I would’ve liked to see another lunch type spot go in at HP Village too!

  • Carolyne

    So what will Ray put in place of Who’s Who? They better have lots of $$$$ for rent.