Free Breakfast Tacos at Oddfellows

New breakfast/lunch joint Oddfellows in the Bishop Arts District serves some of the best coffee in Dallas. They get their beans from Cuvee Coffee Roasting Company near Austin and serve single origin espressos. Tomorrow buy a cup of their heady brew and get a free breakfast taco 6:30am-2pm. They’re calling it Taco Tuesday. I call it free grub.


  • I’ll be there. Mmmm, tacos.

  • runDMC

    For those that haven’t been, an OF “taco” is actually a full plate flour tortilla burrito. Choice of ingredients. Major free food, as it were. One “taco” is a meal.

  • Cellarmaster

    Was hoping I wouldn’t see much press as this place is AMAZING and by far my new favorite restaurant…If they can raise this place from daytime hours into the nightlife they will be unstoppable! Best coffee in the city hands down, and the best way to start the day off right! I can’t wait to be able to end my nights there 🙂