• Zach B

    Went with the family to Nosh for a birthday dinner Wednesday. Very mixed emotions. I really wanted to like the place, and most of the food we had was good, but the misses were pretty bad. First, the good: the atmosphere was festive and fun, the beef cigars, escargot fritters, and the crispy oysters were big hits. The wife loved her scallops and my dad raved about the duck confit. Our server was very friendly and had a great personality. The bad: we did not get seated until 8:20 even though we had a 7:30 reservation, someone was served “the weakest drink I have ever had in my life”, one guy ordered a Johnny Walker Black with a twist but was instead served Jack Daniels and water, and we were given the wrong check at the end of the meal. The pork ribs had great flavor but were very tough, the short ribs were dry and overcooked, and my flat iron steak was more medium well than the medium rare I ordered.

    Overall, I would give Nosh a solid C.

  • Laura

    Had a great post-Thanksgiving dinner at Lonesome Dove last Friday. It was my first time there and did not disappoint. Cocktails were great, handcut steaks were cooked perfectly and seasoned to perfection, and boy, those elk slides with the foie gras were to die for.

  • TLS

    Went to One2One in Frisco twice. We really like the place, except for the weird blue-then-green lighted ceiling. It’s a bit nightclubish. Anyway, had a fabulous cream of broccoli soup with blue cheese. It was the soup du jour so I’m going to have to time my next visit accordingly. We also loved the Roasted Garlic/Gorgonzola/Jam with flatbread appetizer.

    Went to Fino’s Italian bistro. Simple Italian, byob. Try the Chicken Bolognese or Scarpella. Delicioso!

    And then we also tried the new Whiskey Cake in Plano. It was OK. I had a really good burger (the OMG) but it is served on a little board and was so tall that when I cut into it the burger became a colossal mess. The whiskey cake is very good as was my special $5 glass of cabernet. The rest of the dishes we tried were just satisfactory.

  • acrow

    Had a great dinner at Nova. Started with the blow-torch salmon, smoke salmon potato skins and soft-shell crab. Wife and I split the skate wing (special) and pork chop for entrees. Everything as wonderful (and fairly reasonably priced). Only negative comment would be that the entrees were a little on the salty side. Service was great, and they gave us a free dessert.

  • Monica

    Early in the week we had dinner at Nana. We were prompted to go by gift certificates that were about to expire. In the end, I’m happy that we weren’t trying to celebrate a special occasion here. The service was pleasant. The gnocchi and the carrot red curry bisque were both fabulous. The big downfall in my mind however was that our salmon, which we were instructed upon ordering it would be prepared medium-rare, came out well done. The attitude of the waiter when I pointed it out was somewhat incredulous, but changed to apologetic after he had taken the dish back to the kitchen. The next dish came out perfectly prepared, but I don’t expect to have such an error in preparation at what presumes to be a top-notch restaurant.
    The view is still one of the best restaurant views in Dallas though…

  • mark

    Went to BOB’s on Lemmon on a slow Tuesday night. Service was great but food was not. Wifes baked potato was probably from Monday night. The filets had a very strange taste and texture. Almost like they were aged a little too long. I should have known better than to go in the middle of the week.

  • alyb

    On Monday we went to the Green Room “Put Out the Fire” fundraiser for James Pitzer (former Green Room sous-chef whose home in Washington burned last month). It was a great trip down culinary memory lane, with a group of 9 past and present Green Room chefs doing what they do best. The evening started with a rooftop reception, music by 2/3 of Reverand Horton Heat, and passed appetizers from current chef, Joel Harloff. We moved downstairs for dinner/wine pairings. Garreth Dickey led off with a smoked haddock/fennel/potato dish, followed by David Uygur with an arugula/beef tongue salad. Randall Copeland (Ava), Jeana Johnson and Colleen O’Hare (Good2Go) made my favorite dish of the evening: merluza with chorizo, saffron and charred tomato. Marc Cassel followed with braised short ribs w/ bok choy and ginger. Ending the evening was a chocolate cake with white chocolate/red hot mousse by Katie Brown. A great meal for a great cause!

  • Topham Beauclerk

    Maple & Motor’s chorizo & egg breakfast tacos, topped off with an amusing and oddly endearing rant by Jack Perkins about how they now make their delicious tortillas in-house, after he got PO’d by their prior supplier. Dee-lish.

  • Respectable Buratta app at Nicola’s.
    Rockin day boat scallops and cream of cauliflower soup at Nosh.
    Hangover killing bacon cheeseburger at Maple/Motor.
    My 250th (approx) bowl of Bob Armstrong greatness at Mattito’s on Forest.
    Great pork hash w eggs and green salsa at Tom Flemings new place Crossroads Cafe.

  • downtowner

    I ordered pizza from Rocco’s in Uptown for lunch one day this week because I wanted to try something new and was too lazy to walk down the street to Ravenna. BIG. MISTAKE. Why did I not Yelp this before ordering? Worst pizza I’ve ever had. Margherita pizza really isn’t that hard. But Rocco’s crust was limp, the tomato sauce had no taste, and the meager shreds of basil were BURNT. BURNT!!!!!!!! It was completely inedible. Not even copious amounts of salt and red pepper flakes could remedy the situation. It was even more disappointing because I’d intended to just leave the pizza in the fridge at work and have it for lunch M-W. Instead, after a few bites, I had to toss the whole thing.

    On the other hand, I had the chicken fried steak at Press Box yesterday (mmmm, arteries clogging with tastiness), the tortilla soup at Sol Irlande’s today (wish there were more cheese and avocados, but it was still tasty), and will be trying out Sushi Axiom tonight.

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