I Want Enchiladas Now

Dishers, I am deeply depressed over the SF Giants victory last night. The city of San Francisco already has everything they need—food, architecture, beautiful views, fish. Infinity. It would have been so much more significant for the culture of Dallas if the Rangers had won. Perhaps we could shed the freakin’ boot-scootin-Billy Bob’s image we have all over the country. But nooo.

Today, Jenny Craig will have to wait. I need a big fat plate of cheesy enchiladas. Bring them on. Tell me where to go.

Update: RunDMC made my day with this clever comment: “Personally, I’m all over Rusty’s Enchiladas, Urban Enchiladas, Torchy’s Enchiladas, Enchiladas to Go, Enchiladas ‘r Us and Give ‘en Inch, ‘n Lawda They Take a Mile.”


  • Steven Doyle


  • Beda

    The cheese enchiladas at El Fenix are always my favorite. I’ve been eating them since 1971 when eating out (and Mexican food) was new to me. I also like their chips and salsa.

  • Son of Dolemite

    Got to be Herrera’s for basic Tex-Mex

  • DGirl

    Mia’s or Herrera’s.

    Get well soon, NN.

  • Stacy L.

    Mi Chula’s. LOVE. THEM. Our post-long run cheese enchiladas of choice.

  • James

    Nancy, let’s not overrate San Fran… I’ve been many of times and actually find the place to be old and dirty once you get past the bay and the bridges… But now for enchiladas, I have to go with Pappasito’s!

  • Rafa’s

  • Rob

    Seriously – the cheese enchiladas at El Jordan in the Bishop Arts District are hands down the best in town. I’ve tried the rest… no comparison. Of course, you should always get them with the chile con carne and the onions!

  • JB

    Wouldn’t shedding our boot-scootin-Billy Bob’s image be getting rid of our own culture? I say embrace it, love it, and have it over for dinner with a nice plate of tender smoked Brisket and a Cabernet.

  • Cheesy enchiladas? Nowhere else but El Fenix.

  • Mike

    Spend some real time in SF and you will see it’s really an arm pit of a city. Dirty, cranky, and intolerant. Some places may have Dallas beat, but certainly not SF.

  • I love Chuy’s Chickachicka boom boom enchiladas! Spicy & cheesy!!

  • MoMo

    I know it is not popular to suggest a chain…but…I think Uncle Julio’s has the best cheese enchilada….the difference freshly made to order vs. a rubbery enchilada cut out of a casserole dish. Also, an off the menu favorite is from Tupinamba: white cheese enchilada with green sauce…but is usually better catered than in the restaurant (I know that is weird, but it is true).

  • Shane

    Tipicos on NW HWY close to Bachman or in Carrollton on Belt Line. The refried beans are the flor de mayo version and topped with sizzling bacon grease before serving. The “red sauce” is actually a chili gravy and not ranchero sauce.

  • Katie

    The Original in Fort Worth. It is old school gringo style all the way… with a meaty, brown gravy and not much spice at all, though it may have seemed that way back in the ’50s. Really good for heartaches.

  • A. B.

    @ James and Mike–Thanks for making my day! I thought I was the only person who finds SF to be dirty, gross, cold, wet and altogether unappealing.

    Cheese enchiladas sound good. Thanks for all the tips.

  • jane

    Hands down, Gloria’s- The one in Oak Cliff, not Lemmon. And their Margarita’s are so lethal they’ll revive your marriage.

  • runDMC

    Personally, I’m all over Rusty’s Enchiladas, Urban Enchiladas, Torchy’s Enchiladas, Enchiladas to Go, Enchiladas ‘r Us and Give ‘en Inch, ‘n Lawda They Take a Mile.

  • LJT

    Gonzalez on Jefferson!

  • MP

    runDMC, damn that is funny.

    Best cheese enchilada….Taco Cabana. No lie.

  • Twinwillow

    El Rincon Tapatio on Jefferson Avenue in good old, Oak Cliff. Amazing enchiladas!

    San Francisco is a great town. But, It would be a better town without all the San Franciscans.

  • Scagnetti

    Tipico’s on West Northwest Highway and get some of their nachos with guacamole. You’ll be wetting yourself they’re so good.

  • DGirl

    I’m back in . . . my fave enchiladas in town are from Cowboy Chicken. Chickeny with green chile-sour cream sauce. MMM. I second Pappasito’s even though I know they use a Velveeta-like substance in theirs.

  • Glenn Campbell


    I wouldn’t feed herreras to a starving child. It’s that bad.

  • Herrera’s at Inwood Station, and RJ’s in the West End

  • ldascha

    Jorge’s at One Arts Plaza cheese enchiladas are pretty authentic; and another neighborhood favorite is Matt’s.

  • Brandy

    I’m with MoMo…. they also have the best fajitas in town, and you can’t beat the enchiladas norteno with two sunny side up eggs and lots of onions for Sunday brunch! and a swirl of course!

  • Brandy

    I didn’t realize that Uncle J’s had grown so much. But they aslo have the best thin crispy chips and roasted salsa AND the freshest, warmest tortillas. Ok I’m a fan.

  • Joe

    Tupy’s (Inwood north of Forest) has good old fashioned cheese enchiladas, covered in chile con carne. Definitely old school.

  • Gina

    Matt’s Rancho Martinez and Ojeda’s…YUMMY!!!!!

  • Les Hall

    Uncle Julios on Lemmon is my numero uno go-to when I have to have Mexican. It’s always exactly the same, which, for me, is one of the hallmark of a good joint.

    People kvetch about it being a chain, why does that mean it isn’t good?

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