Forget the 12 Days of Christmas; Urban Taco Gives Us 12 Days of Tamales

For the 12 days leading up to Christmas (December 13 to 24), the Uptown location of Urban Taco will be showcasing a different, rib-sticking tamale recipe each and every day. Keep your shopping energy high with pollo con mole on the 13th, rajas con queso on the 15th, and barbacoa con chorizo on the 20th. (Is it our imaginations, or do the recipes seem to get heartier the closer we get to zero hour on the 24th?)

Our suggestion: grab them by the dozen ($25), freeze, then defrost for Christmas brunch or that New Year’s Day hangover. Yes, definitely for that New Year’s Day hangover.

jump for the line-up…

Start planning with the following, mouth-watering lineup:
December 13- pollo con mole
December 14- chicken tinga
December 15- rajas con queso
December 16- potato zucchini con queso
December 17- frijoles y queso
December 18- salsa verde con pollo
December 19- salsa roja con pollo
December 20- barbacoa con chorizo
December 21- carnitas con mole
December 22- chicharron adobado con salsa verde
December 23- de elote
December 24- cochinita pibil