Food Feedback Friday!

Hey, Dishers. Where did you eat this week? Did you find something fabulous? Did you find something foul? We’d love to hear your thoughts on your latest restaurant experiences.Here’s what  you said last week. (Go Rangers like you’ve never gone before!)


  • Katy T

    Birthday lunch at One2One the day before the [newspaper] review. The chef said they were anxious and from what came on our plates, I saw no need to worry! The meal started with Vincenzo’s crust, the roasted elephant garlic, gargonzola cheese and foccia. Delicious with a glass of white wine. Next came an arugula salad, beautifully dressed, grilled pears hiding underneath, and a thick balsamic vinegarette in a criss-cross pattern over it to give just enough dressing. Our main course had scallops perfectly seared, and fish caught by the chef himself! (He heard it was our birthdays so he told us about the fish.) Then, I wished for another visit to try at least THREE of the desserts!

  • Droopydave

    Yesterday I had the $20 “Express” lunch at Mercury Grill. The cream of mushroom soup was good. The grilled beef short rib was served medallion style and was excellent, albeit a bit gelatinous. Finally, the apple cobbler with ice cream was again excellent. I drank water, left a $5 tip. $25 is a lot for lunch (for me), but it makes for a nice treat from time to time.

  • Stephen Pyles for lunch yesterday. Harissa chicken in a wheat pita for $10 isn’t a bad deal. And the iced tea is ridiculously good. I’m not sure what the flavor is, but it tastes a bit minty and a bit like licorice.
    Coal Vines for dinner last night. I’ve tried to love another pizza as much, but I just can’t. Three pieces of tomato & basil pizza and a glass or two of the Caymus Cabernet makes for a perfect night (outside of the Rangers loss).

  • laurie

    Lunch at Cafe R&D. We had burgers–1 vege and 1 regular. Both were very very good. Love their fries. My only complaint is that the restaurant is too loud.

  • RLA

    Nosh was FABULOUS!!! Perfectly comfortable atmosphere combined with spot-on service made this night one to remember. The food far exceeded my expectations. Do not mss the calamari appetizer with mango and cilantro. On the night we went, they offered a lamb feature that was to die for. (think perfectly seasoned and cook lamb combined with roasted black grapes…YUM). If you have yet to go, I highly recommend going!

  • I was super busy and starving while at Kroger so I picked up a shrimp tempura roll and some edamame from the little sushi counter there. Ate it standing up at my kitchen counter. Not bad at all for an inexpensive lunch that has to be consumed in 10 minutes!

    Torcy’s Tacos. Loving the taco of the month right now.

    Meddlesome Moth. Nice, comfortable. The perfect place for a late lunch after walking miles and miles in the World Trade Center.

    Nick & Sams. Caviar. Need I say more : )

    Turkey chili and a salad at Neimans. Sustenance to keep up with the first day of Partner’s Card.

    And tonight it will be the BBQ fundraising dinner before the HS football game. Go SCOTS!!!!!

  • TLS

    Dinner at Sangria. Loved the atmosphere on a cool rainy night. Service was friendly and accommodating. There’s something for everyone on the menu and the kitchen delivered a fine mess of tapas.

    Dinner at Chuy’s. Possibly the worst margaritas ever. The queso and fajitas are good but if you can’t give me a good margarita I’m out.

    Lunch at Maggiano’s. It is what it is. Corporate pasta.

  • tinkerbell

    Tei Tei. Pretty much anything you put in your mouth there is wonderful… for cooked food, I especially love the cornflake shrimp!

    My Fit Foods for breakfast and lunch. I’ve lost 12 pounds in 9 weeks, no exercise, still have my vino…just eating healthier during the day!

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