Food Cart Review: BBQ Snob Hits Squeals on Wheels

Squeals on Wheels by Daniel Vaughn.

Our buddy Daniel Vaughn, writer of Full Custom Gospel BBQ, sends a review of Screen Door’s new food cart, Squeals on Wheels. Just in time to prime your palate for Sunday!

Brisket and blue cheese? That’s not a combo I’m used to, but when I asked the guy manning the newest food trailer (cart, really) in Dallas what he recommended, he suggested the off menu special – a cup of blue corn grits, chopped brisket and a blue cheese crumble topping ($6). I went for it, and the flavors worked. The cheese had a sweetness brought out by the saucy brisket, and the creamy grits below help cut some of the intense richness. This is a dish made for fall. Maybe not the sunny 80+ degree we had today, but I enjoyed it none the less.

Click here for the rest of the story. Good stuff.


  • JS

    Sorry, but I’m buying this stuff off of a cart. There should not be a cup of anything that costs $6. The lunch pictured cost at least $12. Thanks anyway.