Restaurants Beware: Order Scam is Making the Rounds

Several Dallas restaurateurs have called my attention to an ongoing scam. Here’s the deal according to a local restaurateur whose name I promised I wouldn’t reveal. He writes:

I first became aware of this a couple of weeks ago when I was in New Orleans and noticed a few signs posted in more than one restaurant side station. The way it works the restaurant receives a call from a person using an IP Relay. They attempt to place a huge catering order and offer to give a credit card number and state that a “delivery service” will pick up the order on the selected date, usually about two weeks out from the call. According to a restaurant manager in New Orleans I spoke with, they instruct the restaurant to authorize $500 more then the bill which you then give to the “delivery service.” I guess they would then dispute the charges or something to that effect, nobody I spoke with fell for it so I can’t be sure how they retract the charges. It’s pretty obvious it’s a scam but I guess their looking for that one sucker. I first said no to the requested date to see if that would turn away, they replied “oops wrong date” and attempted another date. Again I refused, they asked “why.” I hung up. Oh yeah, the catering order was for chicken salad for 200, it was his Mother’s birthday.