The Best Cookie in Dallas

Full disclosure: a big box of cookies from La Duni showed up on Friday at our office and we’re still snacking on them. Every flavor imaginable: heart shaped double chocolates, roasted pistachio, classic sugar, almond with hazelnut praline. Since D World Headquarters used to be across the street from the Oak Lawn location, I know these cookies well. Some might say intimately. So, imagine my surprise when I discovered a new one: a 5-inch almond cookie — light and crispy — coated in chocolate and studded with salty roasted nuts. It was perfect: sweet, rich, savory. Perhaps the best cookie I’ve ever shoved in my mouth, at least in Dallas. I’m already jonesing for my next one. That’s the power of a good cookie. And that got me thinking: Dear SideDishers, who makes/sells/bakes the best cookie in Dallas? My vote is for the aforementioned La Duni one. But I know you have your opinions. Lets hear ’em.


  • Twinwillow

    Creme de la Cookie in Snider Plaza. The best anywhere!

  • Sean

    Tiff’s Treats makes a mean cookie – – Peanut Butter especially. Chocolate chip is also great.

  • cookiemonster

    the chocolate chip at craft – served warm, oozing with scharffen berger, crisp outside, soft inside, and just the right amount of chocolate and cookie in every bite. i suggest the vanilla malt ice cream on the side. yum!

  • leo

    oatmeal toffee cookie or the iced molasses at Bread Winners Cafe!!!

  • Valerie

    I second the oatmeal toffee cookie at BW…

  • Betsy

    Pokey O’s makes great cookies even better by putting ice cream between two of them. I’m definitely a fan.

  • Misty

    Five Sixty messed up my table’s order and brought us a fantastic box of cookies after dinner. Not sure if they are on the menu, but there were shortbread with raspberry filling, chocolate chip, some sort of toffee cookie, plus homemade caramels. Very good.

  • Christopher

    White Chocolate Chip – JD’s Chippery

  • Dallas Guy

    JD’s hands down. Also one of cleaniest resturants in Dallas. Those ladies ROCK

  • Elizabeth

    Creme de la cookie is by far the best cookie i have ever had in my life. Everyone who tries them agrees. The OMG choc chip is a life changer

  • Nina

    my vote is for Tiff’s Treats. served warm, delivered to you, rich but not too rich…. amazing!

  • StephTX

    My vote is for the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies from Jackie Spratt Cakes. When I was pregnant I ate those…way too many of those cookies. You have to call ahead and make a request.

    I do love Creme de la Cookie as well.

  • Steven F

    JD’s Chippery has been my fave for years!

  • Thanks for the love @Leo and @Valerie! Everyone has a different favorite, which is why we offer so many endless varieties! All hail the cookie! Yum.

  • Annette

    Creme de la cookie…gets my vote also and her whoopie pie…yyuumm…where are my car keys now I am craving!