Texas Wineries Fight for the Right to Export

Over on FrontBurner, Wick is calling attention to Congress’ efforts to pass a federal law (Comprehensive Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness Act of 2010 (CARE Act) that would prohibit Texas wine makers from expanding to markets outside of Texas. Alcohol wholesalers in Texas have launched a huge lobbying campaign to pass the bill that would allow them maintain their position between producers and residents of other states. Little guys? You’re screwed.

Here are someTexas wine industry facts:
Winery Sales – Distributors $30,778,000
Winery Sales – Direct $24,611,000
Full-time Equivalent Jobs 8,971
Wages Paid $298 million
Winery Revenue $55 million
Cases Produced 1 million
Retail Value of Texas Wine $98.5 million
Vineyard Revenue $4.8 million
Number of Wineries 162
Number of Commercial Growers 280
Grape-Bearing Acres 2,900
Wine-Related Tourism Expenditures $296.6 million
Number of Wine-Related Tourists 958,000
Taxes Paid: State and Local/Federal $63.3 million/$78.9 million