Best Way to Beat the Heat: Booze Pops

It’s hot outside. The last time I checked, it was 102 degrees. Not even an ice cold beer can cool me down in this heat. Luckily, the lovely folks at The Quarter Bar have come up with a solution: booze pops. These frozen treats are available at the rooftop bar Friday and Saturday nights. The liquor used will vary depending on the bartender’s mood that night.

My only question is this: Since liquor doesn’t freeze, how strong can they be?

UPDATE: According to a commenter, each booze pop contains a full shot of liquor and a 3 to 1 ratio of mixer/juice. Mystery solved!


  • Tommy D

    Bet I can eat/drink more than you can, Kellyn.

  • genevieve

    each booze pop contains a full shot of liquor and a 3 to 1 ratio of mixer/juice. they also have fresh fruit in them. at $6 a pop they’re a great way to cool down!

  • @Tommy D: Bring it on!

  • kindofabigdeal

    everything freezes eventually

  • leo

    had a blackberry lemonade boozepop last night… SOFA KING GOOD!!!

  • JI

    Ethyl alcohol freezes at around -175 degrees fahrenheit. The more you dilute the pure alcohol with water/general mixers, the higher the freezing point gets.

    A bottle of wine will freeze. Let’s say the wine is 15% (common for Cali Reds)…that’s 30 proof.

    If Genevieve says they’re diluting a shot of liquor 3:1, then an 80 proof liquor is now a 20 proof mixture.

    My only question is this: why would you ask a question that has such a simple, obvious answer when it calls out the integrity of The Quarter and the product they provide?

    You should remove that question from the post. Not everyone thinks about alcohol freezing points (and/or reads comments) and will therefore take your “only question” as rhetorical.

  • Stacy

    Ok Science Guy…
    Actually adding a mixer to alcohol does not change the alcohol content. If that was the case everytime you put coke in your whiskey or gave your vodka some wings or watered down your scotch, it would change from 80 proof to 20 proof? Not so! So a jagger or a jagger bomb will leave you with the same BAC. (blood alcohol content)
    So drink it shoot it or suck it, it is all the same! Yummy!

  • Zach


    Stacy your response is entertaining. I hope that sucking on pops is good enough for you, cause math and reading comprehension are clearly out the window.

  • JI

    Zach, well said.

  • jane

    If the math is bad that is on JI.
    To everyone who doesn’t have to know the quadratic formula in order to enjoy an ice cold booze pop…
    We take recomendation on flavors, so come on in and let us know what combo takes you back to childhood days of running through the sprinkler and chasing the ice cream man.

  • jane

    Sorry quadratic equation!