Restaurant Critic Mark Stuertz Has a Cooking Show (Sorta)

Holy cow, former Dallas Observer and sometimes Ft. Worth Star-Telegram restaurant reviewer has lost his mind. He just sent me a link to his new cooking video. I have no words. Put on your earplugs and eye shades. You know where to put the cork.


  • TLS

    He’s not cooking. He’s clearly baked.

  • DGirl

    I want my 8 minutes, 45 seconds back.

  • George

    Oh god, that was bad. A total waste of time. DGirl hit it right. You keep thinking, somehow, this has to get better. But it doesn’t. It drones on and on. Horrible.

  • Mo Adams

    Can’t for the life of me imagine why they fired his ass (unless maybe it’s the painfully unwitty solipsism).

  • Mark is plagiarizing our trademark style.

  • Worgan

    Finally, an honest display of the true journalistic greatness that made his column so respected. Oh, wait…

  • Jeanne Prejean

    Did I really watch that whole thing?

  • Cellarmaster

    ok so I’m writing this BEFORE i watch the video. I miss his writing. He was mean that’s for sure, but over all I typically agreed with most of his reviews…?!?*ducking for cover*

  • Mark Boston

    Love the Beefheart. Mr Zoot Horn Rollo play that long lunar note….

  • Karson

    He is a loser putz.

  • JimS

    I thought it was brilliant.