The BBQ Challenge

Daniel Vaughn takes no prisoners.
Daniel Vaughn takes no prisoners.

I’ve spent the better part of today with Daniel “The BBQ Snob” Vaughn. We are producing a video with Daniel looking over Kevin Marple’s photographs that didn’t get printed in the magazine and talking about barbecue. Of course we at some too. Anywhoo, as you can imagine, Mr. BBQ Snob is getting a pretty big head on his shoulders now that he is the local expert on the subject. He asked me to relay this challenge to you. Here goes:

The BBQ Challenge

E-V-E-R-Y barbeque joint in DFW. That is my claim, with a few caveats. The baked ribs at Texas Roadhouse do not count, nor do multiple locations of chain barbecue, but if they can legitimately be called a BBQ joint, and they’re located in DFW, then I have paid them a visit. If anyone out there can come up with a legitimate joint that I have missed, I will join you for dinner there, and I’ll pay. To help weed out repeats, my blog and my map are at your disposal. Now bring it on.

Cheeky isn’t he?


  • rob

    What about the BBQ at Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen – not a chain and the brisket and pulled pork is slow cooked in a smoker

  • ImJustSayinToo

    Daniel Vaughn is in no way a snob, has no big head and was the local expert long before you reprinted his stuff. What is it with you, always giving people rude names and talking down to them?

    Oh yea, you were just kidding, again.
    So sad.

  • Don O.

    Define DFW, please. Is that the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, Dallas and Tarrant County, or Dallas and Tarrant and surrounding counties? DFW has a pretty broad definition. I might have a few for ya. 🙂

  • rob: Not that NN is beyond berating her betters.

    Sad old woman.

  • A few items on your menu that happen to be smoked or bathed in BBQ sauce does not a BBQ joint make. See Jasper’s, Blue Plate (the brisket isn’t even offered for dinner!), Tillman’s Bolsa, etc. I’m looking for honest BBQ joints.

    Nancy just means I literally have a large head, and BBQ Snob is a self-given moniker. No worries.

  • Scott–DFW

    Tejano Bar-B-Q & More, located in the Chevron station at the SE corner of Coit and Bush Turnpike. Have fun!

  • Worzel Gummidge

    Daniel: How do you explain the paucity of good BBQ in Dallas proper? No market? Is this a vacuum imploring someone to fill it?

  • rob

    Blue Plate may not be a bbq place per se but it does put out a good product and thus is worthy of being reviewed – i am on a quest to try burgers around Dallas and as long as it is served I will try it

  • rob

    p.s. are you related to any Vaughns from the Aquilla Texas area

  • Operator

    Did I overlook Records BBQ in Oak Cliff?

  • Operator: Record’s review is here

    Scott: Thanks for the tip. When shall we meet?

    rob: Great burger blog. I can appreciate your quest. I don’t know the Vaughn’s in Aquilla.

    Worzell: I think it’s a combination of factors including the ease of gas-fired smokers, the lack of single proprietor driven joints, and the general mediocrity that comes from trying to please too large an audience. I think we are in a vacuum that is primed for a real quality joint. The success of Meshack’s, which has very little going for it but great meat and service (bad location, no seating, etc.), attests to the way the BBQ fanatic community would support a place that does it right.

  • Tejano BBQ y mas…no bueno. It’s an old Dickey’s location with Dickey’s equipment. Maybe their tacos are good?

  • I noticed you have Roscoe’s in Burleson on your to-do list. Right down the same street a couple of miles northeast is Bodacious BBQ. I haven’t eaten there, but passed it on the way from Roscoe’s on Tuesday. Maybe a two-fer for ya.

    Though not in DFW, let me also suggest Burnet Feedstore BBQ, new in Burnet on the main drag (281) south of town.

  • Jed

    Daniel, loved the article. I really miss Solly’s in Addison. Did you ever make it there before it closed Valentines Day in 2004?

  • I never made it to Solly’s. When I passed by for a visit, the place was already closed.

  • Don O.

    Here’s a new one for you. El Paso BBQ in Irving, on the east bound service road of 183, right across from Texas Stadium. It’s in an old restaurant location that has been plenty of different things in the past so don’t expect much.

  • El Paso BBQ serves some of the worst BBQ that has ever passed these lips. The printed paper sign that read “Now Serving BBQ” was my first clue what I was in for, but the meats were stupendouly bad, and the sides weren’t any better. I ended my lunch hour with a McDouble and fries.

    Thanks Don O. I know you were just being helpful.

  • Don O.

    Thanks for the warning. I’m headed to Lockhart on Wednesday. Can I bring you back some Kreuz jalapeno cheese links to make up for that? 🙂

  • Michael B

    Wow, I think I actually have one, provided they’re still open. Used to be called J&D’s (or just JD’s) Backyard Barbeque. I know it changed hands after there, but the next owner was still doing bbq, as of a year or so ago. In Haltom City, on Broadway between Swan & McKibben.

  • Charlie

    Marshall’s Barbeque on Walnut Circle in Garland. Haven’t dined there in 22 years, but I know it’s still there. Pretty close to Meshack’s.

  • Michael – I know it was JD’s then Bubba’s, but neither place is still operating. Do you have any idea what it might be called now?

    Charlie – You are correct. I thought this was part of the larger Marshall’s chain, but they seem to be independent. If you want to set up a lunch, e-mail me at [email protected]. I’m free on Saturday.

  • As soon as you find a place, please blog or let me know! I was just talking to my boyfriend about an Old BBQ joint in Rockwall, TX called Shyrees…awesome brisket sandwhiches & old school coca cola in glass bottles. It went out of business a while back..and I’ve been craving it ever since.

  • Michael B

    Daniel, it must be closed; pretty sure it was called Bubba’s. Glad to see you had both Mom’s and Mama E’s, South of downtown.

  • william

    I have two bbq joints for you.Dave’s bbq 4353 Gannon ln. Dallas,tx75237.Teal’s Ribs 150 N. clark rd. cedar hill,tx75104

  • William – Thanks for the additions to my list. I see that Dave’s is open on Saturday. Would you be interested in meeting there on an upcoming Saturday?

  • william

    Yes,just let know which saturday you would like to meet,a.m.or midday is better for me.