• PotNet

    That video feels a lot longer than it is.

  • CoB

    A dollar spent in restaurants is a dollar not spent in grocery and liquor stores. Do we get to hear from the Texas Grocers Association in rebutal?

  • G Bertram


    what an utterly ridiculous thing to say. Did you even watch the video? why would those organizations want to “rebut” this? It is not an attack on them. Dollars spent in restaurants are NOT displacing dollars spent in liquor stores OR grocery stores – unless you are promoting that all restaurants should close up so that NOBODY would spend money in them – BRILLIANT!!!!

    Did I ask if you watched the video??? That was kind of a dumb question on my part – because if you did you would never have written such an idiotic statement!

  • CoB

    It’s called sarcasm, GB. Yes, I watched both videos. Very slick marketing.

    People are not eating out as much because:
    They’re unemployed.
    They’re under employed.
    They’re worried about losing their job.
    Their mortgage is under water.
    Their debt is more than they can handle.
    Their savings have shrunk or gone away.

    Yes, eating out just once more per week can help the economy a lot. But you can’t have consumer spending lead the way out of a recession with the current high unemployment rate and current high consumer debt levels.

    If you can afford to eat out once more a week then God Bless You. Because millions of Americans can not afford to do that. Regardless of the trickle down that results.

  • Carolyne

    I haven’t seen any of these restaurants lower their prices. Maybe if they did, I would go out that “extra” night!

  • Twinwillow

    The video is a very clever marketing tool. It makes sense but in my opinion, it’s not going to make for a drastic change in the way people spend their hard earned dollars.

    G. Bertram ~ I feel your response to CoB’s comments were overly critical and, a bit rude if I might say.
    However, I respect each of you to say what you think.