Van Roberts To Close Lola and the Tasting Room at Lola In October

Leslie “Catch a Falling Star” Brenner has the story. This is a sad day for Dallas dining: after 9 1/2 years, Van Roberts is closing Lola and the Tasting Room at Lola at the end of October. Another victim of the economy. Somebody send him some money, we can’t lose Lola.


  • DGirl

    What do you need to stay in business, Van? We don’t want you to go.

  • JI

    This again proves Dallas diners are largely ignorant.

    What else could you need?

    Local ownership, (aka, one of their own)? check.
    Excellent food, a menu that’s updated regularly and less expensive than a fancy steakhouse? check.
    Incredible prices on one of the best wine lists in the state? check.

    Shame on you Dallas. Shame on you. Enjoy your cowboy cut.

  • HC

    This is the WORST news ever!! This is by far my favorite place to eat…. BOO!!!

  • G

    I fully agree with JI. Too bad people would rather pay outrageous prices for steaks and sides that could be prepared exactly the same at home by anyone with a grill or a cast iron skillet for less than 1/4 the price. If Lola can’t survive with their fantastic food, wine, ambiance and service, this town will never sustain anything but mediocre steakhouses and chain restaurants. So sad.

  • bmk

    We had one of our worst fine dining experiences in Dallas at Lola. Servers were incredibly rude and food was unimpressive. I would much rather go to Bijoux or Nana when looking for fine dining.

  • JJ

    Agree with JI and G. And whats much worse is that the DMN food critic is not helping things out, giving high marks to a chinese, catfish, and tapas place, but giving low marks to what should be three and four star places. When you give into mediocrity, you belittle your reputation. When you belittle your reputation, your voice is no longer heard. Let’s get rid of Leslie Brenner and bring in Dottie Griffith.

  • JI

    Giving into mediocrity is exactly what Brenner is NOT doing.

    She’s highly critical of new restaurants that are regurgitated concepts with phoned-in execution…as she and we all should be.

    By finding a quality dim sum place and writing about it, she’s trying to turn you baboons into open-minded diners.

    Great food doesn’t have to come from a “five-star” restaurant.

  • educated source

    It is indeed a sad day for Dallas. I’m sure if Van wanted to keep Lola open, he could have, but the times are tough, and restaurant expenses are high. JJ, you may have a point there. I’ve lost what little respect I had for the DMN.

  • JJ

    “Great food doesn’t have to come from a “five-star” restaurant”

    So while she is saying that, readers are saying whats the point of going to places like Lola when we can have a four star chinese meal on the cheap. And so goes, people trade down instead of up.

  • CS

    Time for a return of Mr.Barclay??

  • tree bargain

    Four stars for Lola. The critic complains that the zucchini in a dish described as “zucchini carpaccio” is served raw.

  • JI


    To begin with, it’s a circular debate as to how to apply stars as a rating system. In my opinion, four stars can be applied to an inexpensive-yet-exceptional chinese restaurant. I also have the wherewithal to know that it’s probably based on a different scale than Nana, Lola, York St., Pyles, Fearings, French Room, Etc…considering their cuisines and approaches.

    Secondly, you clearly know nothing about world cuisine. Your arguments imply that in order for a restaurant to qualify for multiple stars it must either be expensive or classic French/Mediterranean/European.

    “And so goes, people trade down instead of up.” …so which over-rated, struggling “3-4 star restaurant” do you own/manage?

  • educated source

    The DMN star system is demodee, a term which the DMN critic should understand very well with her French connections.

  • Its ignorant to say Dallas only supports mediocre steakhouses and chains when all the restaurants listed above – Nana, York St, Pyles, Fearings, French Room as well as Aurora, Local, Abacus, Bijoux, Mercury, Mansion, Charlie Palmer, Yutaka and others all seem to be holding their own.

    Of course that’s just 1 unworldly baboon’s opinion…