• Brad

    Mellow Mushroom in Fort Worth. And there are a variety of flavors, but I know that salted is one of them.

    If you have some dietary restrictions, Tough Cookie Bakery makes some incredible (seriously) vegan pretzel bread. Don’t know if they wouldn’t be game for making that into a full blown salted pretzel, but if it was half as good as the bread, you’d be set.

  • KB

    Any Auntie Anne’s in the area can sell you as many as you need.

  • Glenn Campbell

    go to the mall.

  • Brent D.

    The state fair opens on the 25th.

  • AB

    Surprisingly, Flying Saucer in Addison has incredibly wonderful pretzels.

  • Yeah, Tough Cookie Bakery makes amazing Bavarian style pretzels! The Pearl Cup on Henderson carries them 😛

  • m

    Federal Baking Co is the unofficial soft pretzel of Philly. They actually were the first to make a soft pretzel with a machine instead of by hand. They’re sold on every street corner and are 100% spectacular. Oh…and they deliver.

  • amanda

    NN-good question! I was informed by our German exchange studentes that the state of our pretzels is pathetic! My lovely little teen kraut couldn’t wait to get a pretzel upon landing in Berlin on July 9th.

  • Sean

    I agree with AB – Flying Saucer in Addison has the best I’ve had outside Austria.

  • Bigc

    Jorg’s in downtown Plano.

  • I would agree with m. Get some from the best places and ship them overnight. They’ll be fine.

    I would suggest this place, though I bet Federal is good also

  • We make delicious soft Bavarian pretzels with a traditional European dough! You can buy them in the grocery store, at HEB or Whole Foods, or you can buy them in bulk for large parties by calling our company 800-57-TWIST or via email at

  • Teddy Vedder

    Why in the gosh forsaken wide world of sports would anyone ship Philadelphia Pretzels to Texas? There should be a law against bootlegging yankee foods across the Red River. Scott and Kim make darn good pretzels, and do nice things, but I think they’re out in the Rockies. I second and third on Tough Cookie Bakery out of Dallas. Someone said they have an authentic German pretzel factory in Irving!